Monday, September 1, 2008

11 months-how can that be?

Hey, sweet boy!

A lot has happened in this last month from turning 10 months to 11 months. You are learning all sorts of fun things that make your mommy and daddy proud, like giving high fives, pushing things around while walking, and even surprising us by climbing a full set of stairs! Please don't scare me like that again!! I think you have officially become our little monkey. You love to climb up things, over things, and even into things. You fit in places we never would have imagined. If we let you swing by the light fixtures, you probably would. You also did some "big boy" things this month, like your first hair cut. You suddenly looked like you were months older with just a trim. You're telling us what you want more and more each day...mostly with pointing and making grunting noises, and most often we know exactly what you want - food! You've started screaming and that is not always pleasant. Sometimes it's for fun, but many times it's in frustration. I guess that's your way of "getting it out". You found the "ma, ma, ma" sounds and I'm pretty sure you know that "ma ma" means ME (or maybe you're just saying "more", that is)! I really do think that you said your first word today - "uh oh" (or it was more like "uh, uh") because you like to drop things and say it afterwards. I'm pretty sure you learned that trick from your sister...I have a feeling there a lot of things you are learning from your sister. You're pretty close to standing on your own for longer than a few seconds. You still need that confidence that you can do it. We'll try not to push you...feel free to do it whenever you want because we don't mind if you stay our baby forever.

We love you, little man!


Tiffanie said...

Oh, they grow up so quickly! And be prepared, it won't end here... I have three boys and do they love to climb up over and in!

Your little guy is adorable!

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