Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas is over? SAY WHAT?!

Ummm...yea. I guess I didn't quite get the blogging bug during December. I missed a whole Christmas season worth of fun things to share! However, I did do more of my picture sharing on my Facebook page. Short and sweet. Things just seemed way too busy to be wordy, and for some reason I feel like I can't make a blog post without being wordy. Interesting...

So, now that Christmas is over and all the decorations are down (except for a few snowmen here and there...I'm still hoping for SNOW this winter), what happens next?

One of my first "crafty" projects of 2011 that I would like to accomplish is scrapbooking my Christmas photo cards I receive from family and friends. I blogged about this "way back when" (January 2009 to be exact...seems forever ago!). Here is a sneak peek from that post and click on the picture below if you want all the details. (pssst...can I confess something? I haven't scrapbooked my photos I received for Christmas 2009 yet. Eek! This will definitely be a goal of mine for the month of January to do TWO year's worth!)

{a sample 2008 page from my Christmas album}

This year I hung my Christmas photo cards onto ribbon and put them in the window of our kitchen. By the end of the month, I had so many cards that I could have made a second garland, but didn't get around to it (geez...what's new?). I'll remember that for next year! I used mini clothespins that {for next year} I plan to decorate to make them a little more festive. This year, I just knew that I wanted to get them UP!! And, if I kept waiting to get the clothespins decorated, they never would have gone up, so I just did it and that added little touch will just have to be a "must do" for next year's Christmas planning!

What do you do with your Christmas photo cards, letters, and Christmas cards after Christmas? I'd love to hear!

Be looking for a post (soon, I hope!) to show you my accomplishment of getting both 2009 & 2010 scrapbooked and ready to share!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I realize Christmas is already over and it's probably too late to share my decor for this year, but let's pretend it's still Christmas for just one more day! ;)

Hope you all had a
Merry Christmas!!


Sally said...

Yay! I made your blog!!! :) Love all your decor... thanks for sharing! :)

Rhonda said...

Wow, a blog from Mrs. Heidi herself. ;) Love your decor. I really would like to do an album like that with Christmas cards. Mine get tossed into a pretty box for now. Please share when your done!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You know, last December you told me to look you up on FB but I could never find your profile...Anyhoo, It was wonderful to see all your decorations! I love having the house all pretty and I usually leave them up all January too. With all that work, I like to enjoy things as long as possible. I also make card garlands, but usually have mine hanging below my mantle. I also "scap" my holiday cards, and I use the quotes because I don't do pages like you did. I just hole punch and add onto a metal ring. Which is nice because even though it's a pain, each year I can add the new card from a particular family, right after the previous year. It's kinda fun to see the kids grow up that way.

Sarah said...

I saw a couple cute girls in one of your pictures! :-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend!! :-)

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the decor. I really like the red ornament tree. We actually just put the cards away with our Christmas decor and then get them out the following year so we know who to sends cards to, plain and boring. I am glad you all had a great Christmas and may you have a fabulous 2011!

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