Friday, October 21, 2011

4th birthday pre-school

The day before Austin's actual birthday, he was able to celebrate his special day with his pre-school friends at school! I was so glad to hear that I was able to bring in homemade treats for him and his classmates for a fun birthday treat! After picking up Mikayla from Kindergarten, we rushed over to spend the last 15 minutes with him and his classmates.

Chocolate pudding cups with "dirt" on top...
finished off with a CARS cookie.

When Ms. Michelle started singing Happy Birthday,
he got a little shy.

And then warmed up a little...
Austin got four "high-fives" from his teacher...

...and his classmates,

...and of course his big sis!

He also got a hug from Sissy!
After pre-school we headed off to visit Grammy & Papa and I wanted to take just a couple more pictures, especially without the chocolate mess all over his face, but this is what I got...

Get the hint, Mom...I'm done with pictures.
Birthday Celebration #1 complete!


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