Thursday, May 29, 2008

strange fascination with running water

So, I have this sweet little girl who has this strange fascination with putting her hands in running water. Today was one of those days where she just couldn't get enough! I often will find that she is "missing in action" and go to find her in my bathroom playing in the water. (I'm now locking the door, but I often forget, and she knows!) She also enjoys putting her hands in the sink when I'm doing the dishes, just to get her hands in the water. Earlier today, I noticed that Austin was chewing on one of the books. I walked out of the room for a moment and then I heard her running down the hall, but didn't think much of it. A couple of minutes later, I didn't hear anything and I found her (again) back in the bathroom "washing off" the book. It was soaking wet! I tried to just remember, she was trying to help her mommy by washing off Austin's slobber.

These pictures I've posted are actually from a few days ago when I caught her in my bathroom making a mess. I walked in to find her playing in the water and she just looks at me and says, "Wash, mommy, wash." At least she's learning good hygiene.


Barb Kennedy said...

Thanks for commenting on blogtolose! Your children are beautiful!!

My 2 year old also has begun a fascination with all water. The dog water, tap water, the sprinkler...she finds it and gets in it. She says "wash" every time we get near the bathroom, which means she wants to wash her hands.

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