Thursday, September 22, 2011

Austin first day of 3's Pre-School!

At the beginning of the summer we had the perfect plan of where Austin was going to go for 3's pre-school for two days a week. It was this great in-home pre-school and I was super excited because of what I saw at her open house! However, in mid-July the teacher stopped by for a visit and to return Austin's registration because unexpectedly her and her family were going to possibly be moving out of state and she didn't want to start pre-school knowing that they might move. ('s that for a run-on sentence?!) After this happened we decided that he would just stay home for another year because with his birthday being at the end of September, he'll technically do two years of pre-school.

But...when his big sister started school I could just tell that he wanted something of his own and he was itching to learn! So, when a friend of mine mentioned that there was an opening in her daughter's 3's pre-school class, I jumped at the chance to sign him up! We visited for a 15-minute observation and I knew this was the place for him. The teacher is so sweet and as I watched him participate in class, I just knew that he was ready!

First Day of School Breakfast
{homemade waffles!}

On his way to school...

So happy to have his own place to learn...just like his Big Sis!

"Building" the letter "A"

It was perfect that he got to work with the first letter of his name on his first day of school. His teacher was so proud of how he could write the letter A all by himself. She said to him, "that's the best A I've ever seen!" She's going to be perfect for sweet!

Austin & his teacher, Ms. Michelle

So excited to see Mom after his first day of school...

...and to be with Sissy again!
I am so thankful it worked out for Austin to be at pre-school this year. I look forward to watching him grow, discover, and have a place of his own!


Russell Family said...

Glad you found a place for Austin to go to preschool! He looks so grown up!!

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