Sunday, September 18, 2011

fishing trip with dad!

Late on Sunday night (the day before an extra day off because of Labor Day), Ryan remembered that he wanted to take the kids fishing before summer was officially over and school started. We packed a bag of extra clothes, snacks, and water, loaded up the fishing poles and tackle box, and everything was ready to wake up early to head out for a fun day together with just the three of them. (You know this means I had a day all to myself, right? Guess what I did for FOUR hours straight? Nope, no crafting. Nope, no shopping. Nope, no sitting around and watching TV. Yep, I cleaned the kids' rooms inside and out going through clothes, closets, and drawers! Fun times...or not. But it felt great to get it done without the helping hands of my little ones.)

Guess who was the first one to catch a fish?!

Great job, buddy!!

He let Sis share in his sweet!

At their first stop along the river, there wasn't much luck for Mikayla. Ryan said she had a good time casting her line and then reeling it right in. Might not be the best strategy for catching a fish, but I'm sure it was a lot more entertaining than just sitting there and waiting (at least for me it would be!) He said she only "snagged" him once. Success!

They packed up after staying there much longer than expected (and I still don't know how he entertained the kids for that long!!) and headed to a trout farm down the road for another try. Ryan said it was a matter of seconds before catching the first fish. I guess they should have gone there first!

Great job, Sis!

And Austin caught another...

Each of the kids came home with two fish. Austin was super excited about making fish for dinner (which he's never had!) we'll see how long they stay in the freezer before we cook them up. Maybe Grammy can put her special Alaskan touches on a good "fish fry".

So glad that Daddy had this special day with his best two buddies!


vicki said...

Very cute! Love the pictures of the kids with their fish.

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