Saturday, November 26, 2011

pumpkin carving fun

At the beginning of the month we picked up a couple of pumpkins at Austin's pre-school field trip. We decided not to carve them so early (we knew it would be a moldy mess after coming home from our trip to California). However, they did need a little "something". I found some "face" stickers I had tucked away in our Halloween decor the year before, so right before bed one evening the kids stuck faces on the pumpkins and we put them in the front of the house on display.

After returning from our trip to California, we knew we wanted to carve the pumpkins before Halloween night, but the only day available was the day before!

After the "de-gutting", Mikayla and Austin designed their pumpkin faces by drawing what they wanted them to look like. I told them (as the one with the carving knife) that there was no guarantee that it would turn out that way! But it sure was cute watching them draw the faces!

Mikayla loved "popping" out the parts of the face!

Not sure this is what Mikayla drew as her pumpkin face,
but it would do...

After a quick change for Mikayla to get ready for the musical Pinkalicious, Austin & Mikayla showed off their HAPPY pumpkins!

two little jack-o-lanterns sitting on a porch...


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