Friday, November 25, 2011

toy story...on ice!

Not sure how we were able to pack so much into our October, but what a month of memories we made!! We purchased tickets for Toy Story on Ice at the beginning of October and even though we were exhausted from all we had happening after our trip to California, we were excited for an evening of fun when October 27th came around!

We started out with a quick family pic before heading out the door...literally (do you see the beautiful door lock in the background!) I knew we probably wouldn't catch a picture of all four of us at the event, so I thought to take one before we left. I took three and this is the best of the worst (not sure either kids had a "real" smile to give!)

Daddy & Sis waiting for the show to begin!

Mommy & the little man (what's with his smile?!)
A little (forced?) sibling love.

And then the show began!!

Austin was mesmerized...

...when Zurg came out!
His favorite part of the show by far!

During intermission Mikayla let me take her picture with "Jessie". We stuck with our original rule that we weren't getting the kids any souvenirs. We tried to explain that just going to a fun event like this was all that we needed to remember this night. Austin was the only one who kind of put up a bit of a fight on it, but after telling him to "put it on his Christmas list" (and buying some popcorn), he quickly forgot about a souvenir! So proud of the kids for not whining or complaining...too much!

It was a super fun show!!
{Thank goodness for opening night cheap seats!}


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