Friday, November 25, 2011

soccer's a wrap!

Mikayla's soccer season ended on the last Saturday in October. She had such a BLAST this year with soccer...I can see her continuing with this sport for awhile. She was so upset when she had to miss either a practice or game. She was such a fun player to watch and I was so proud of her! Her greatest strength was being a defender...maybe the "go get 'em" aggressive attitude will come later!

On her last game of the season all of the girls dressed up in tutus over their soccer gear. It was pretty cute to watch them all running around in "girly-wear", but they still acted tough and got in there to win the game. Mikayla scored her second goal of the season during her last game and her smile was PRICELESS!!

{Last Game of the Season - October 29, 2011}

I just love this smiley girl!

One last cheer!
After the game, the team and parents celebrated the season with some breakfast treats and juice under the covered area near the field. The coach talked briefly about each of the girls, gave them a medal, and a little treat bag.

Go Dolphins!

{just being a little silly}

Mikayla & Coach Erica

Mikayla & Coach Bridget

Aren't these medals so cute?!

It was such a great season...
I'm pretty sure she'll be back again next year!


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