Monday, June 20, 2011

pre-school graduation

{Ooops...long time no see, huh?}

Let's see...what's been going on these days??

Mikayla has "officially" graduated 4's pre-school and in just a little over 2 months will be starting Kindergarten.

Wait...give me a minute to let that sink in. will take much longer than a minute!

KINDERGARTEN?! Where did my baby girl go?

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Pre-School Graduation Day

June 11, 2011

The Graduation Day started out with a picnic lunch and cupcakes!

Mikayla's teacher gave each of the students a special memory album of pictures she had taken throughout the year. I thought that was very sweet.

The kids sang some songs which Mikayla had been practicing at home. It was fun to watch her animation, but you could still tell she was a bit more shy up "on stage" than what she would be if she were singing them at home.

Then it came time for the teachers to call each of the students' names and to hand them their "certificate of graduation".

Mikayla & her teacher Mrs. Hylton

Congrats, Sis!

Best Buds

Mikayla & Mrs. Salzberg
And, you can't forget the Sensational Six!
{Tenley, Ava, Mikayla, Ellie, Allie, & Alaina}
What a blessing it was for Mikayla to have a year of being with her friends she already knew before pre-school started! I know this school was exactly where Mikayla was meant to be this year, especially with two of her best girlfriends leaving and with her beginning her elementary education in another town starting next year. I look back and am so thankful for this year!


vicki said...

What great pictures! I can't believe how fast all my grandkids are growing! Love ya, Mikayla.

Miller Racing Family said...

How exciting. I know just how you feel about having a kindergarten student. I don't know what I will do with my days without Trey at home. I love Mikayla's dress.
Congrats again, Mikayla!

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