Saturday, March 31, 2012

dinner for four

OK, let's get back into this blogging thing...

Mikayla is just one month shy of turning six years old! It's a little hard to believe that her Kindergarten year is coming to an end. She'll be in first grade next year!! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

At the end of January (yep, I'm that far behind) Mikayla was helping me a little with dinner prep (which she will do on occasion...mostly out of free will and not when she's forced to). She asked if she could make a fruit salad for everyone and I figured, why not?!

This sweet thing makes the best fruit salad, so if she asks you if you want say YES!

She didn't just stop at making individual sized fruit salad cups, but she also set the table for everyone.

And even included a name tag where everyone should sit...

Yep...her momma's girl!

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