Monday, March 29, 2010

a gift to give - Easter bunnies & chocolate

Look! I actually did something crafty...

We're moving in less than a week (for real this time) and I just couldn't resist giving our current neighbors one last gift for the holidays! I already shared this Easter bunny, but yesterday during the kids' naps I whipped up 5 more to use as gifts for the neighbors.

I wanted to give them some sort of a treat, too, so I filled empty bottles of Starbucks Frappucino bottles full of Easter candy.

{a bunny's not complete without its cottontail}

Instead of using ribbon around the lid, I cut strips of decorative paper and glued them, followed by a circle punch from green, a scallop punch of pink and a Happy Easter greeting from the Boos Family (printed off from the computer) to go on top.

Mikayla loves going to the neighbors to hand out treats. We'll just have to wait until the rain goes's been a wet one today.

Want the tutorial to make one of these bunnies for yourself? Visit my Stampin' Up! blog to find it.

It's amazing how quickly a year goes by!
This was our "sweet tweet" we gave last year for Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

here's the scoop

In my last post (5 1/2 weeks ago!) the title was "25 days to the BIG MOVE".

Well...those 25 days have now come and gone and we're still living in our "old home" (as Mikayla calls it). The long story short? Our buyers had an issue with their loan and it took 2 weeks to straighten it all out. Which means, we are behind in everything by 2 weeks. BUT, we are extremely thankful that it's all still happening...because at one point there was a 50/50 chance that it might not. We were supposed to move 2 weeks ago, and then we were supposed to move this weekend, but the appraisal paperwork on our current home took longer than expected (go figure!), so we had to postpone our move and we are supposed to move sometime next week or next weekend.

All in all this process has taught us to trust in Our Provider, have patience, and learn to live simply (because so many things have been in boxes for the past 3+ weeks!!).

We are way ahead on the packing (which is a good thing), so I thought I would take a few minutes to share a couple of {sneak peeks} of the new home! These will serve good for some "before" shots...I can't wait to be able to share the "after" once we're all settled in.

Just a sampling for now...

{Master Bathroom}
It's our old "master bathroom" (if you can call it that), we didn't have a bath tub and only had one sink. My husband used the guest bathroom with the kids, and I got my own teeny tiny bathroom! Looking forward to spreading out a bit more in the new house. Although, I guess that means more to clean, huh?

{The Back Deck}We're looking forward to having people over to hang out in our new backyard. We've never had a deck before, so it will be fun to set up some patio furniture to enjoy those warm summer nights!

{The Entryway}I just love the light fixtures in this new house (well, minus the few burnt out light bulbs in the entryway). I also adore this high front window as it lets in lots of light to the entryway.

{Eat-In Kitchen}In the new house, we have both a formal dining area (which we most likely will not be using as such), as well as an eat-in kitchen. It is a beautiful space that I can't wait to put our kitchen table!

{The Kitchen}Having a kitchen island is going to be so much fun! We've already ordered bar stools that will tuck under the countertops perfectly (well, at least we hope!) These light fixtures are adorable and look at all the cupboard space on that island!! We don't plan on painting the entire interior of the home, but the kitchen is on our list of walls to paint...we want to paint it a color that makes the beautiful cabinets *pop* a bit more.


I've had a few extra minutes while my parents have been in town to take my Stampin' Up! stuff out to their house and enjoy some lazy days while the kids play and my mom and I craft (with the postponing of the moving dates, I'm very grateful for that time to get away!). Check out my Stampin' Up! blog to see all the craftiness that I've been up to.

Isn't this the cutest little bunny?
Go check out my {other} blog to find the tutorial.

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