Tuesday, May 18, 2010

room redo - tackle it tuesday

Surprised to see me?? Don't fall off your chair in shock. I know it's been awhile, but we've been B-U-S-Y with a project here, a project there, a whole bunch of clutter everywhere!!

We've been in our NEW home for 6 1/2 weeks now (hard to believe!). I wish I could say we've painted all the walls that need to be painted, decorated each room, hung up frames, etc. but...nope. The reality is: We have 2 kids, the husband works, I have a side business with Stampin' Up!, on the MOPS leadership team, and if we want to eat, I make meals, too. Oh, on top of cleaning the house and trying to tackle the garage for our garage sale in June. Yep. Reality. So, I'm OK if everything isn't done yet. We have time!!! I'm trying not to stress myself out about all that needs to be done around the hosue. We'll just take it one day at a time and do what we can when we can! I'm trying to have the same mentality with blogging...I'll do it when I can and not feel guilty about it when I don't. (Something I'm trying to work on!)

A couple of weekends ago we decided (OK, I decided...I think my husband had other hopes for the day) to tackle the upstairs bathroom (the one the kids use). I figured if we started on something relatively small we might feel more successful in getting it done quickly. Well...most of it was done quickly and then there was ME putting off a project that I wanted to finish to make the room complete. I finally decided I just can't wait for that one little thing to be done to show off our hard work. So, the {little} project will still be on the back burner coming one day, but for now...the room reveal!!

Background: The previous owners had painted the bathroom an orange color (even the ceiling!) and sponged flowers all over. Now, I'm not going to diss the hard work that someone put in to do this, but it is just not my style. I needed more light and plus, I was keeping with the theme from our former guest bathroom and wasn't about to go out and buy new stuff when I already adored my other bathroom decor.



(we'd already taken things off the wall)

(snapped a quick picture in the middle of taping up the room)
(See that empty frame? That's the project I was putting off. I plan to make a collage of some bath tub pictures from when the kids were little and include a poem.)
A little accent I added was using an Uppercase Living vinyl to put on the mirror. It says, "{Begin each day with a smile}" I love how it adds a fun little touch to an already "smiley" room!

Does the paint color look familiar? It is the same color that used to be in our play room at our old house. We opted to paint the ceiling this color as well vs. white (since they had it orange) and were a little shocked at how bright it was, so we decided to paint a darker 6-inch green stripe along the top to break up the ceiling from the wall. I am so pleased with how that turned out!

Those little wall "spot" decals might also look familiar. I was able to salvage them from the decor in our old play room and used them to make a "wave" around the room. I couldn't believe how well they matched the shower curtain...which by the way was a new addition! The shower hooks were brought over from the old house, along with all the froggy accents, towels, polka dot accessories, candle, and faux flowers.

Nothing like tackling a project and feeling proud of the accomplishment! If you have a project you've been putting off (big or small), tackle it and show off your hard work by linking up with Tackle it Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Next room redo I hope to tackle? My son's room! It's currently purple with butterflies and flowers...but I'm hoping to transform it into firetrucks!! This one is going to be a GIANT-SIZED tackle, so we'll see when this one gets finished!

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