Thursday, May 3, 2012

not sure what to say about this

Sometimes the kids are cooped up just a little too much with the long rainy months here in Oregon. On a day back in February, the silliness pretty much got the better of them. All dressed in black...and ready to rob a bank?! Nice.

With these two together, the days are never boring here at our house!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

valentine's day 2012

I am going back in time a little trying somewhat to play catch up with a whole slew of pictures I have waiting to be blogged. We'll see how far I can get...
Valentine's Day 2012
The kids woke up to heart shaped toast with strawberry jam, scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon bits, and "pink" milk!
It's tradition for each of the kids to get a new book and a fun treat each year on Valentine's Day morning. I try to get a book with a Valentine's Day theme, but many times I'm at the mercy of the previous month's book order and there isn't always one. *wink*
 A quick sibling shot on our way out the door...
Austin made this cute little heart for his teacher. He was so proud of it and it was actually all his idea. He adores his preschool teacher!
 Mikayla with her gift to her teacher...a set of kitchen towels, a box of cookie mix, and a heart shaped spatula.
 As Room Coordinator for Mikayla's class, I had a fun time planning the party. I have been very thankful for lots of eager helpers this year to help ease the load! Each party is set up in four stations that the kids rotate through.
Station 1 - Craft: The kids made doggy or kitty bookmarks (of course using Stampin' Up! punches and Big Shot dies...what else?!)
 Station 2 - Snack: The kids enjoyed a yogurt parfait bar. We tried to keep the snacks healthy this year, so I thought this would work much better than cookies and candy, but yet still a little sweet.
Station 3 - Exchanging classroom valentines.
These are the class valentines we made for the boys...
These are the class valentines we made for the girls... 
Station 4 - Photo Booth: All the kids got to dress up in fun Valentine's gear and then get their pictures taken in front of a backdrop that I made.
Mrs. Derry's AM Kindergarten Class

Because I coordinated Mikayla's classroom party, I wasn't able to be at Austin's party. However, I was able to catch the tail end of it. When I got there, Ms. Michelle was reading the "Love Book" that the class put together using pictures the kids brought from home. In this picture, she is reading Austin's page, which said, "L-O-V-E spells love. I love Disneyland."
Austin's class valentines he brought for the group. The monkeys with the glittered bows were for the girls. These were so fun to make!

My sweet little boy!

  After work, Daddy brought home some special Valentine's surprises for the kids.
 For dinner, we had heart-shaped pizza...
And strawberry milkshakes for dessert...

What a blessing these two sweet kiddos are!
I L-O-V-E them!!

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