Sunday, July 31, 2011

yes...another birthday!

As you have read lately on my blog, July is FULL of birthdays. I wasn't you'll see even more birthdays coming up on my blog!

Ryan turned 31 on July 22nd (he's such a young buck!). The day was a fun one (I hope for him!), but not one with many pictures.

The day started out with me making a smoothie for him to enjoy on his way to work! We have the yummiest frozen strawberries (picked by none other than Daddy!), so this summer we have been enjoying lots and lot of smoothies. It's one of Ryan's favorite treats and has become the kids' favorite, too!

Later in the afternoon, the kids and I took some ice cream treats to his work so he could share with his co-workers. It was pretty cute watching Mikayla pass out the Klondike bars to everyone and telling them it was her daddy's birthday. The kids also made a sign and card for him and LOVED being at his work!

For dinner it was Ryan's choice and Olive Garden was his pick! Thank goodness for gift cards...the dinner was technically free. Afterwords we headed home and just hung out outside while the kids played on their bikes.

Ryan already bought his own big gift "from me", but I wanted to be able to give him something he could "open" from the kids, so we got him a bucket full of goodies...socks, a Starbucks gift card, Sour Patch kids, and beef jerky. Such a manly gift!!

Happy Birthday to an amazing daddy and husband!
How were we lucky enough to hit the jackpot?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

biking buddies

Austin: "Hey, you don't have any training wheels like I do."

Mikayla: "Yea. That's so last week."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

her very own craft sale

I had my 1st Annual Craft Sale last Friday. It was A LOT of work and took A LOT of energy, but it was a great success and I already can't wait until next year!

I have slowly been putting things away this past week after a full weekend didn't leave me much time (never mind the lack of motivation!). Much of the stuff I had to decide if I was going to keep for next year's sale, donate, or put back in my craft room (*wink*). Some things I had permission to throw away (recognize the paint, Kim?) but somehow Mikayla found some tags I had tossed, as well. (Do I dare admit this, but she likes to dig things out of the garbage that I have thrown away...she seems to find a use for them!)

Before I knew it she had spread a tablecloth on one of the tables I had left up in the house and she was setting up her very own craft sale. I thought it was so cute that I let her use anything should could find of mine that I was planning on keeping to add to her table.

All set up for her very own craft sale!

She even brought down her toy cash register...

Mikayla's best customer!
(He even had play money to pay it!)

Hmmm. I'd like a couple of these...

She was quite the saleswoman...
I just love the imagination of a child!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

happy birthday alice...or should I say jilian?

Not sure if you have noticed or not lately, but July is FULL OF BIRTHDAYS for our family and friends!!

Last Sunday, Austin and Mikayla were invited to our little friend Jilian's 4th birthday party. It was technically a "girl's" party, but Austin & Jilian are such great little buddies, and so an exception was made by the party planner (aka my good friend Sarah).

This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland!

{musical chairs}

{pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat}
Isn't this table setting beautiful?

Love Sarah's special little touches...

Happy Birthday Jilian!

Tea time with friends!

While Jilian opened her present from the kids,
they got to sit next to her and watch.

The kids got some fun little goody bags. The girls received a special bow (matching to Jilian's she was wearing) and Austin got a couple of bouncy balls...perfect for the only boy!
The birthday crew!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

double the birthdays, double the fun!

At the end of June we celebrated my nephew Riley's 6th birthday!

I just love this picture and his genuinely happy smile!

He got a new scooter from his parents and the kids had a blast trying it out!

The cousins with their "light sabers"
{the next day he was having a Star Wars party with some friends}
{for some reason I wasn't as picture happy on this day as I usually am!}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then, just this last Saturday, we celebrated my other nephew Parker's 4th birthday. He had an Indiana Jones-themed party with friends that same morning, but we already had plans for the traditional Robin Hood Festival & Parade, so we weren't able to make it. Luckily, we worked it out and came later in the afternoon to help celebrate with just us and Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Ruth!

My sister-in-law, Kristen, is an awesome party planner!

Each of the kids got a stuffed snake, binoculars, safari sunglasses, and hat...
Ring {the alligator} Toss!

Mummy wraps...
...which later turned into a TP war!
Such fun tableware!

Aunt Kristen filled up the sand box with blue and green sand.
She's so cool!
Parker got a fun game for his birthday that the boys loved playing...

...and Austin loved winning!
Cupcake time!
How is it...
...that all 4-year old boys get food all over their faces?
All the cousins...being "cheesy'!

Double the birthdays, double the fun!

Monday, July 18, 2011

two-wheeled wonder

It was a very special day yesterday for one little member of the Boos family.

These wheels came off...

With just a little help from dad...

...she was off!

It just took a few tries and the security of daddy right next to her, but she got the hang of it really quickly! It will probably take more practice for her to be confident with it (and for me not to be so stressed over it), but I think she's officially on her way! Next step will be upgrading to the bigger bike we got her at a garage sale for only $10!

However, during all of this excitement, there was one sad little boy who was a bit upset that his big sister was getting so much attention.

And here she is in action...
(notice the crying little boy at the very end...sad little man!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

parade time!

Friday, the 15th was a GORGEOUS, sunny day! I was holding my 1st Annual Craft Cleanout Garage Sale and it was the perfect day for it!! Although it was also the first sunny day in a week, so most people probably were out doing something other than going to garage sales!! However, it was still a great success and will be an annual tradition for me!

On Saturday we woke up to wet pavement, dark clouds in the sky, and a few sprinkles. Of course that morning we also had plans to go to our hometown annual festival...the Robin Hood Festival & Parade. We didn't let the weather stop us, though! We packed up our camping chairs, grabbed some bags for candy, and headed down the road to meet up with friends. It actually turned out to be a nice day with just a little bit of a breeze and a few sun breaks...but no rain!

All the kiddos getting ready for the parade to start!
{Mikayla, Claire, Ellie, Austin & Molly Scout}

This year Austin REALLY knew how to get all of the candy!

Mikayla loved the cheerleaders and dancers...
she was mesmerized each time a group would come by.
I think there's a future parade participant in our future!

After the parade we walked down to Old Town Sherwood to check out the rest of the festivities. There were booths set up, live music, and dance performances going on. It was all a little overwhelming with so much happening (and trying to keep track of two little ones), but we managed to still have a good time!

Checking out the Alpacas...

Face Painting!
{a festival tradition}

Ellie & Mikayla - best friends!

You can't leave a festival without Kettle Corn!!

Another fun {summer?} day!

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