Saturday, June 21, 2008

strawberry pickin'

Saturday was a nice, sunny day, so Ryan took Mikayla out for some strawberry picking. I was happy to stay at home with my little boy (especially since he would be taking a nap). Mikayla was all excited to go with daddy, but mostly because she got to wear her favorite rubber boots. It was reported that Mikayla had a wonderful time (who knew she would like playing in the dirt?) and probably polished off a dozen or so strawberries (good thing they were small). It sounded like it was a successful morning and they brought home about 12 pounds of strawberries. Many of them we froze, some we will eat during the week, and others we will save for yummy desserts (strawberry shortcake anyone?) Tonight we enjoyed a fresh strawberry smoothie and as Mikayla would call it...a "moothie". Summertime is meant for fun times and fun memories! I hope you're all enjoying yours!


Sally said...

Strawberry picking is such fun! I love your blog Heidi!

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