Wednesday, July 20, 2011

happy birthday alice...or should I say jilian?

Not sure if you have noticed or not lately, but July is FULL OF BIRTHDAYS for our family and friends!!

Last Sunday, Austin and Mikayla were invited to our little friend Jilian's 4th birthday party. It was technically a "girl's" party, but Austin & Jilian are such great little buddies, and so an exception was made by the party planner (aka my good friend Sarah).

This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland!

{musical chairs}

{pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat}
Isn't this table setting beautiful?

Love Sarah's special little touches...

Happy Birthday Jilian!

Tea time with friends!

While Jilian opened her present from the kids,
they got to sit next to her and watch.

The kids got some fun little goody bags. The girls received a special bow (matching to Jilian's she was wearing) and Austin got a couple of bouncy balls...perfect for the only boy!
The birthday crew!


Kim said...

Adorable and fun party!

Rhonda said...

You have had a lot of parties! Fun month!

Sarah said...

Nice party, hee hee! :-) Great pictures!

Miller Racing Family said...

That looks like such a fun party. I agree the little touchs and the goody bags are so cute.
Have a great day!

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