Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July fun!

Thanks to the Sommervilles for rescuing us from another year of "no plans for the 4th". They were having a block party this year and invited us to join in on {their} fun! Although I did feel a little like I was invading the party (it was mostly their neighborhood and a few others), it was great to be around people enjoying the fun and festivities of the holiday!

And, I had a good time coming up with red, white, and blue food to bring...

Before we headed to the festivities, I tortured the kids (and hubby) with a photo shoot. But I'm glad I did because I love the pictures!

Patriotic toes...

...and fingers!
My friend Sarah (the hostess) and her girls Jilian & Grace

My niece was her 3rd birthday on the 4th of July!

The street was blocked off, so the kids could hang out and play without the worry of cars. We brought their bikes and scooters and they had a blast as they don't normally get to play in the street!
What's a better way to cool off then with a "firecracker" popsicle?!

Let the fireworks begin!

Daddy & son...I love these two!

Some of the fireworks were a little too loud!

We stayed out REALLY LATE and it was WAY PAST the kids' bed time when we left, but it was all worth it! How many times a year do we get to do this?!


Kelli said...

You got some really great family shots. Sounds like a really fun time...complete with my fav, firecracker Popsicles!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun time! I love the family picture and the patrotic fingers and toes:)

Jennifer said...

Love the cupcakes! : )
Also really love your family shots. By the time I had everyone at our house dressed up in their patriotic best, someone had pulled out the red, white, and blue super soakers and little boys were drenched! AGHHHH! Oh well! There's always next year!!!
Looks like it was lots of fun!

vicki said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! Love all the pictures!

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures! No need to feel out of place, your family was definitely part of the fun! :-) I would love a copy of the picture of the girls and I and a few others, if thats ok.

Russell Family said...

Love the 4th of July pics! Looks like you all had fun!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a blast. The food looks amazing and those nails are fabulous!

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