Monday, July 18, 2011

two-wheeled wonder

It was a very special day yesterday for one little member of the Boos family.

These wheels came off...

With just a little help from dad...

...she was off!

It just took a few tries and the security of daddy right next to her, but she got the hang of it really quickly! It will probably take more practice for her to be confident with it (and for me not to be so stressed over it), but I think she's officially on her way! Next step will be upgrading to the bigger bike we got her at a garage sale for only $10!

However, during all of this excitement, there was one sad little boy who was a bit upset that his big sister was getting so much attention.

And here she is in action...
(notice the crying little boy at the very end...sad little man!)



Tammy Williams said...

YAY! Way to go Mikayla! We have been on Maya for the last few months but she will just not officially part with the training wheels;)

vicki said...

Yeah! So proud of Mikayla...Austin will catch up soon. Sorry he was so sad. Love you guys!

Miller Racing Family said...

Yay! Mikayla we are so proud of you. Trey also took the training wheels off the summer, so we know what a big step this is.
Great Job!

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