Tuesday, July 5, 2011

saying goodbye...for now

Mikayla's sweet little friend, Ava and her family (and my own super sweet friend and Ava's momma, Kareena!) will be moving soon - sadly in just one short week! Thankfully they will only be an hour away! Ava and Mikayla have been little friends for the past 5 years, but just this last year they were both able to attend the same pre-school. At the beginning of the school year, we had no idea they would be moving, so what a blessing it was for Mikayla to have that extra time with her friend (and for ME to have a little more time with MY friend, too!)

To celebrate the friendships between the girls, we had a special little send off with Ava, her sister Alina, and some of Ava's little girlfriends (and siblings). We all met together at Sweetest Thing Cupcakes for a yummy little treat!

{chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!}

{and Austin loved every last crumb...in about 1.2 seconds!}

After cupcakes, Ava opened a little present from all of her friends. I put together a little "memory album" after gathering together pictures from some of her friends' moms. I hope this will be a special something she can look at and remember the fun times together!
Allie, Ava, Mikayla, & Alaina - part of the Sensational Six!
(we missed Ellie & Tenley!)
{all the kiddos}
notice who the grumpy one in the middle is?!
yep...that's mine!

Ava and one of her two sisters, Alina
(Anna was at home with daddy taking a nap)

Such sweet girls!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ava, Mikayla, & Allie have been such sweet little friends for the last 5 years (and how lucky I have been to be good friends with their mommas, too!). Ironically, BOTH of these girls are moving!! Allie will be leaving with her family on a missions trip to Africa for 2 years, leaving in January (that really hasn't sunk in for me yet!) and Ava, as I said before leaves next week!

Mikayla, Ava, & Allie

Mikayla, Ava, & Allie

Mikayla, Allie, & Ava


Kelli said...

How sweet! I love the throw back pictures of the girls when they were little. That is comforting that they'll only be an hour away...and that you still have time before your other friends leave for Africa.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

It's so hard to say good-bye :( But I'm glad that they won't be moving too far away. Good friends are a special treasure!!

Kim said...

Great memories. I know it is hard to say goodbye, but thankfully they are not too far away and grandparents are still in Newberg, which guarantees visits! :)

Pictures of the 3 girls are adorable!

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, what a sweet post. It is so hard when there little friends move away. We had to deal with that a lot as the school Donnie and Trey went to was with the military so people were always moving.
The group photos and the photos of all three girls were fabulous. What a great friend you are to have a sweet party.

Jennifer said...

You made such a nice memory for the girls to have with them when they're apart! So sweet. You're an awesome momma.

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