Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a three-year old birthday for miss hailey bug!

We had a birthday celebration for my niece's 3rd birthday last Saturday (she is actually a 4th of July baby!) It was an awesome day for some backyard fun...beautiful and sunny! Just the way July is supposed to be (I'm typing this as the last two days have been pretty much cloudy...but yet, no rain! That's a plus for Oregon!)

Let the party begin!

Some of the kids lining up for "pin the crown on the princess"
(even the boys participated!)

Mikayla was one of only a couple of the kids who wanted to be blindfolded

Looks like cousin Noah is giving Austin some coaching on where to place the crown...he still missed the mark! Maybe his eyes really were closed?!

My sister set up this fun obstacle course for all of the kids to try!

balance on a "tightrope"

go through a tunnel

jump over giant Lego blocks

and do sommersaults on the mat towards the finish line

Cupcake Time!

Singing Happy Birthday to Hailey!

My sister was feeling brave and let the older kids frost their own cupcakes. Needless to say...they decorated them outside!

Just getting started and already she has frosting on her face!

Austin loves sprinkles!


A fun picture of my nephew Hunter's sprinkled masterpiece!

Present Time!

We gave Hailey a scooter that used to belong to Mikayla.

It was too cute because she hopped on with both feet and tried to rock it back and forth to make it GO!

The {failed?} attempt at a group shot of all the kiddos!

Cousins...in chronological order
(Hannah, Hailey, Austin, Hunter, Mikayla, Noah, & Jacob)

Happy 3rd Birthday Hailey!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun party!

vicki said...

Love all the pictures! It was almost like we were there. ;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

So much fun! And, what is up with the weather? We go camping for a few days and come back to clouds and rain . . . in July? ;)

I love M's shirt! :)

Miller Racing Family said...

That looks like a blast. I love the obstacle course idea. You got some great photos!
Happy Birthday Hailey!

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