Thursday, August 11, 2011

a mickey mouse birthday

A couple of weekends ago, we visited our good friends the Moore's who live in North Bend (about a 4-hour drive). When we first arrived, we headed straight to the fair and spent the evening having fun with our friends! The next day we enjoyed a morning of chatting, watching the kids play together, and worked on some last minute preparations for Jayce's 1st birthday. We were so happy to be able to celebrate a milestone birthday for the youngest of the Moore family! The party theme was Mickey Mouse and everything was so super cute!!

So many fun little touches...

The birthday boy and his momma
(and one of my greatest friends!)

They look like they're ready for Disneyland, right?

The birthday boy with his very own Harley given to him by his grandpa.
(It's actually a remote control motorcycle!)

Almost walking time...

Is everyone singing for me?

Hmmm...let me try this out a little!
Yep, that was good!

We had such a memorable weekend with our friends!
Austin (almost 4), Ally (4 yrs), Mikayla (5 1/2 yrs), Jayce (1 yr), Chloe (5 1/2 yrs)


Kelli said...

Nothing like time with friends! What a cute party and that bike is just adorable. I love to see the kids enjoy their first cake and get it all over. How fun :)

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