Sunday, August 21, 2011

Music on the Green

The first Wednesday in August we invited some good friends of ours (the Newtons) to join us for a picnic and some country tunes at Music on the Green, our town's weekly summer concert series. Surprisingly, we actually hadn't been in FIVE YEARS! And, the last time we was also with the Newtons!

Ellie & Mikayla in July 2006!!

And 5 years later...still the best of friends!

It makes me want to cry!
How have our babies grown up so much?!

And since 5 years ago, we have added two other little ones into the mix!

All four of them had such a fun time dancing to the music!

Nothing like a little silliness to add to the evening!

Austin (almost 4), Mikayla (5 1/2 yrs), Claire (2 yrs), Ellie (5 1/2 yrs)
Can you tell it's close to bedtime...grumpiness, silliness, oh my!

It was a beautiful summer evening with friends!
I hope that we don't wait five more years to go again!


Russell Family said...

Time goes fast! Cute pics of the kiddos :)

vicki said...

It looks like they all had fun! The girls look so cute in both pictures. Can't believe how grown up they look!

Miller Racing Family said...

I totally agree the kids grow up way to fast. We have never been to an outdoor concert so I might have to add that to the to do list. Love the photo of your kiddos and the smiles. Love the personality! I also love the family photo at the end!

Kelli said...

Aren't you guys just adorable! I love the flashback picture and that they're still friends...too cute :)

Kim said...

Fun times! The dancing pictures are so cute. Love the family picture...Christmas card???

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