Friday, August 26, 2011

more summer fun!

Last week my friend Natasha invited me and the kids over for an afternoon of fun in the sun (and water) in her backyard. They have a blow up larger-sized pool that I knew the kids would have a blast playing in and we had been wanting to do this all summer. Before we realized it, the summer was coming to an end, so we really wanted to make it work and last week was finally our chance! It was the perfect afternoon to relax and just let the kiddos splash in the pool and for me and Natasha to chat and catch each other up on the busy-ness of our summers. Natasha and her family will be leaving soon (in January) to be missionaries in Africa for 2 years, so every chance we can get to be together, I will take it!!

And what fun they had!!
Mikayla and Austin had just finished a couple of weeks of swimming lessons, so they wanted to role play swim teacher and student. It was pretty cute to watch!

Mikayla & Allie - great friends!


vicki said...

It looks like they had a great time! Austin looks like he is getting use to the water. Love these pictures....especially the series of action ones of them jumping in the pool. What fun!

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