Saturday, August 13, 2011

just down the road

A little over a week ago, the kids and I had the pleasure of visiting some friends of ours who have recently moved an hour and a half away. We were so saddened to see them leave at the beginning of July because Mikayla & Ava have been good friends for the last 5 years and went to pre-school together this past year. And I am so blessed to have a friend in Kareena, (Ava's mom). She is the kind of friend that will always listen, love, and support! It crushed me to know she was going to not be as close (in distance) anymore, but I have confidence that the miles between us will not get in the way of our friendship! I see many more times together in the future...we just have to make more of an effort for it to happen!!

The Beasley girls graciously hosted us for an afternoon of playing together and chatting. Their new house is BEAUTIFUL and the setting is even more beautiful as they are nestled back in the woods. We arrived to lunch ready to enjoy...but first I had to have a quick tour! After lunch, we headed to the back deck where Kareena had planned an activity for the kids to paint some rocks. Who would have thought that painting rocks would be such an enjoyable activity, but the kids loved it!

{Ava & Mikayla after collecting their rocks}

{washing them up to get ready to paint}
Capturing the concentration of a child...


{after rock painting, the kids enjoyed a frozen treat!}

{One last picture before saying goodbye!}
Of course, Austin had to show off why being a boy is so much fun!
Ava (almost 6), Mikayla (5 1/2 yrs.), Austin (almost 4), Alina (3 1/2 yrs.)
Little Miss Anna (1 yr.) was taking a nap during all the picture taking!

We already can't wait to go back to visit our friends!


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Good friends are such a treasure! Our dear friends are leaving in a couple of weeks for Kansas. They'll only be gone until December, but it is killing me to think of not seeing them for four months :( We got together yesterday for blueberry picking and lunch, and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by friends.

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