Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and here they are...

Most of you who will be reading this blog are friends or family, so really there is no need to introduce you to my two beautiful children, but I wanted to share why I named this blog Blue Eyed Blessings. My wonderful husband was blessed with blue eyes and therefore passed that gene off to our children. I love when the light hits their eyes just right and they pop out in the most beautiful color blue. I am so blessed to have three of the most amazing blue eyed blessings to call my own...a husband, a daughter, and a son. I started this blog so that I could not only share with you those blessings, but to also give me an opportunity to stop and remember that each day I have to spend with my family is a blessing. I hope you enjoy this journey of mine (with all the ups and downs) of being a stay at home mom...a day in the life of me, plus three.

Austin Nicholas (8 months old)

Mikayla Lynne (2 years old)


Amber Filkins said...

This was a cute post!!! Look at those cuties. :)

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