Thursday, June 12, 2008

a lesson learned

Today we FINALLY got some nice weather and headed to the park to play with some friends. There is a big open field at this particular park and Mikayla decided it would be fun to chase the birds. As she started to run away, I noticed that she kept getting further and further, so I yelled for her to stop and come back. My "good listener" kept going. By this time, my friend was headed that direction as her daughter was also tagging along. I noticed that there was an area that looked like it was a little swampy, and of course, Mikayla was headed straight for it. Assuming that she would notice that it might be a little muddy and turn around (she hates being dirty or wet), I decided I didn't need to hightail it over there and rescue her. But oh no, she kept going and then proceeded to fall down into the mud. She wasn't in tears but she did have a look of horror on her face as she walked up the hill in muddy shoes, pants, and hands. Did I mention that she HATES being dirty or wet? We ended up needing a change of clothes which luckily my friend had an outfit to spare. Being the loving mother I am, I felt I needed to take a picture to document the event and will use for future lesson telling as she continues through toddlerhood.
"Remember that one time you didn't listen..."


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