Thursday, October 8, 2009

kids in the kitchen - homemade waffles

You know how some nights you just don't feel like cooking? Oh, wait. That's me every night. Well, anyway...we decided that last night was going to be waffle night! And, of course, Mikayla wanted to help and who am I to say no to such a wonderful request? So, off she ran to get her princess apron and chair to stand on. This was a much needed mother-daughter bonding time after the day we had had the day before!

I have the best Homemade Waffles recipe that I acquired from one of my very best friends (thanks, Natasha!) our senior year in college. If I remember correctly it's a Pampered Chef recipe. We love waffles at our house and this recipe makes us smile even more! Mikayla and I love peanut butter and syrup, Austin likes plain syrup, and if he had his choice, Ryan would definitely pick homemade blueberry syrup to go on top of his waffles.

Homemade Waffles
2 eggs, separated
1 3/4 cup milk
1/3 cup oil
2 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

(I have no idea where she is getting this "posing" thing,
but it's happening more and more lately.)

Measure the milk.

Separate the eggs (add egg yolks to milk).

Beat together the eggs and the milk.

Add flour.

Add oil.

Take a break for a cheesy picture of little brother.

Add in the baking powder, sugar, and salt.
And stir.

Beat the egg whites (in a separate bowl)
with an electric beater until stiff.
Fold in egg whites with the above mixture.
(Not pictured because mommy needed to do it.)

Pour batter onto a hot waffle maker.

And enjoy!

I was going to snap a picture of the kids enjoying their meal, but both of them decided that they weren't in the mood, so just picture two hungry kiddos devouring their "breakfast for dinner".

{Head on over to A Little Fun With Me and Lu for Kids in the Kitchen.}


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vicki said...

So cute! Missing everyone alot!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I love the step by step photos! My girls love helping in the kitchen too :) Hope you had a fun {productive} trip to the beach!

Jennifer W. said...

How cute is she in her princess apron?? I love when my kids want to help-although I have so many who want to help that there are usually too many cooks in the kitchen and not enough jobs!! LOL. But it's all fun. That recipe sounds great-we love homemade pancakes and waffles. Thanks for sharing, we may just have to try it.

He & Me + 3 said...

My kids love breakfast for dinner. Your little Mikayla is a natural in the kitchen. Way to go starting her out so young.
Cute pics love the apron.

Emily said...

Such cute pictures and they look YUMMY!!! We love homemade waffles over here!

Sherry said...

OH Thank you thank you thank you! I needed a good homemade waffle recipe just got the belgin waffle make 2 mos ago as a wedding gift and I wanted to try something other than the pre-packed mixes! :)
BTW your daughters poses are soo cute, mine does that all the time, where they learn it from I'll never know! Thanks for linking up! :)

Bran said...

I love her princess apron.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love how she is so helpful. Kenneth is not helpful, oh wait, yes he is, he is helpful in making a really big mess!!!!

Unfortunately I am not going to make the challenge this month. Sorry. I just focused on the house and did not craft much. Looking forward to participating next month!!

Shelby said...

I love the break for a cheesy brother picture - they are both so cute!

Braley Mama said...

We do the same thing for "don't know what to make nights"! I love waffles. And I will for sure try this recipe, thanks!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

I love her "poses." What a sweet girl. You are such a patient mama to let her help ~ these times are so precious. Thanks for the waffle recipe too! Hope all is well over at the Boos house, looks like you've had lots of fun at pumpkin patches. We have been going too, it's my favorite!

Kelli W said...

It looks like you have a great helper! And those waffles sound SO good! I have been wanting a good waffle from Waffle House...but making our own may be even better!

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