Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our little monkey says thank you!

I know this isn't really housework per se, but it's definitely something I've been needing to tackle!

My son's 1st birthday was a little over 3 weeks ago, and I have so many wonderful friends and family who showered him with gifts and I have been meaning to thank them the traditional way with something in the mail!

So many other projects were higher on the priority list, but today I MADE this project be on the top of that list. I think my friends and family already know how appreciative I am for those who could come to his party or for those who sent along a card or made a phone call to wish him a happy birthday, but they also know that I love sending a personalized card in the mail to show my appreciation.

So, for today's tackle, I completed my son's birthday thank you cards and will be sending them off in the mail very soon. For family and friends who read this blog on a regular basis and will be getting one of these in the mail, sorry I had to spoil it for you, but pretend like you haven't seen it yet!

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