Sunday, July 4, 2010

birthday day three...Tinkerbell style

While the kiddos nap to gear up for a late(r) night on the 4th of July, I have a few extra minutes to finish sharing Mikayla's birthday - day three. Birthday fun - days 1 & 2 can be found HERE.

(April 29, 2010 - the "friend" party)

Mikayla invited three of her best friends to come join her for a day of birthday fun! I loved how simple this party turned out to be and yet the girls had so much fun together! It was a "drop and go" kind of party (the first!) and it was really fun to have just the girls (and Austin) for this intimate little party.

The party was "Tinkerbell" themed (Can you believe it? No cute party invitations this year! I think Mikayla will forgive me for that.) We had extra fairy wings and tutus for the girls, so that everyone could dress like a fairy.

Ellie, Allie, Ava, & Mikayla

I made each of the girls fairy head pieces using star "twine" (not sure what to call that) and then added some flowers to the back, along with some pieces of ribbon to hang down. I found the most adorable flower wands at K-Mart and added a green ribbon to the purple that was already there just to add a little more "Tinkerbell" to it.

For decorations...

The birthday table - simple, but pretty! One of the best parts? I found mostly everything in my "party supplies" box. The only thing I purchased were the flowers.

A little splash of Tinkerbell color!
Hello, Dollar Tree. *wink*
For entertainment...

Bounce the balloon with your fairy wand (totally made that up on the spot!) I turned on the music and we tried to see if the girls could keep the balloon in the air by bouncing it with their wands.

Then I took the girls outside (during the rain break) and we played in the bubble machine, popping the bubbles with their wands.

After we blew off some energy, the girls came inside and they decorated baggies that we would be using for the fairy scavenger hunt a little bit later. Austin was such the little helper. I was so proud of him for letting Mikayla have "her day"!

I had little slips of paper hidden throughout the house and in each location was a small "treasure" that the girls could put in their baggie. I had been on the lookout for little things I could pick up for the girls and with their only being four, I spoiled them a bit. Some of the treasures included: Tinkerbell green body glitter, Tinkerbell chapstick, Tinkerbell notebook/pen, Tinkerbell ring, Pixie sticks, bracelets. I was going to try to rhyme each clue, but the reality of everything I had to do won and I didn't. Instead, I had the girls chant after each clue, "We're going on a fairy hunt. We're gonna find some treasure!" They LOVED it!! Again - so simple, but it was a hit!
on the menu...

"Fairy Fizz" (pink lemonade with a scoop of raspberry sherbert), lime Jello, pretzels, carrots, grapes, and a star-shaped PB & J

For dessert, we had individual-size shortcake with strawberries and Cool Whip. YUM!
After lunch it was present time!

I LOVE this picture!!
On the way out the door, each girl got to take home a pretzel rod Rice Krispie treat fairy wand.
And of course, the rest of their baggie of goodies.

The day was a hit and Mikayla fell asleep dreaming in Tinkerbell vision.

Hope you enjoyed the birthday pics! I love birthday parties!!

I have so much more to hopefully I'll be back soon!


Braley Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!!! And what a fun time with the girlies:O)

vicki said...

It was so fun to see all the pictures from her birthday party! I can believe she is already 4 years old. Grammy loves that "big" girl!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun party! It reminds me of a tea party/birthday party that Sierra attended when she was 3. Cute little sandwiches, fairy fizz, what more could you ask for??

Miller Racing Family said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time. I loved all the personal touches you put on this day. I really liked the party gifts for the guests. What a great idea.
Hope you all had a fun fourth!

Sarah said...

Great ideas! Birthday parties are SO fun!! :-)

Amanda Sue said...

I love it! Audrey is going to have a fairy garden party for her 4th birthday in September and I'm taking notes right now... What great ideas!

Lyndsie Miles said...

Wow! What a fun party! I love the whole idea! I think Mikayla is looking more like her Mommy. From what I've seen in pictures anyway. What a cutie!

Rhonda said...

Such a fun party Heidi. I don't know why I didn't comment here a long time ago. I just stopped by to see where you are??? Missing you here. ;)

Katie said...

ER would've loved being a little guest at this party. She's very into the fairies right now. Only she likes Silver Mist best because she's blue. Those rice krispy pretzel wands are so cute.

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