Monday, November 1, 2010

just a little piece of where we live

On November 3rd, we will have been in our new home for officially SEVEN MONTHS! I am shocked by how much time has gone by since we moved in over Easter weekend. As we were moving in, I remember a handful of people saying, "It took us at least a year to get settled in, decorate, and make the home feel like ours." I have to be honest, at that moment I thought to myself that no way was that going to be me. Seriously? A year?

Well, as I sit here and eat my humble pie SEVEN MONTHS's definitely the true reality that it may, in fact, be a whole year until we get this house looking like we had originally planned when we first moved in. There are no cosmetic defects or major renovations needing to take place (thank goodness!)...just some painting to be done and room makeovers to be completed. We do feel settled and we do feel like this house is our home, but all of the little {big} projects keep staring at me daily. I guess I have 5 more months to get it done before I really have to eat my words!

So, let's look on the bright side! All three bathrooms are complete ~ you have to start somewhere, right? If you missed the kids' bathroom makeover (first project we completed in our new house), take a peek HERE. I shared about this back in was quite the makeover! At that time, I thought we would be on a roll with our household projects! Somewhere along the way, we lost momentum...or summer happened and having fun seemed more like the thing to do!

Bathroom #1

The other two bathrooms didn't take much to get them looking complete. We stuck with the original paint colors and just decided to fit the decor around that. I was actually "officially" done with these by August, but know. Who really gets inspired to take pictures of a bathroom? But, I figured I should probably show off some part of the house since a handful of you (OK, maybe just my mom) may be wondering.

Bathroom #2

Downstairs, we have a small bathroom for guests to use. Thankfully, the paint was perfect, the countertops are beautiful, and the mirror will just have to do even if it's not quite my style. The only thing I wanted to do in this bathroom was switch out the towel bar and toilet paper holder with something a little more "me". I also found a little cabinet at a garage sale over the summer to fit perfectly in the corner of the already tight bathroom. Without it, it just seems like there's something missing. The pictures you see on the wall are ones that we actually had in our living room at our old house.

And...there's the tour. Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture in such close quarters? This is the best I could come up with, but you get the idea of what it looks like, right?

Bathroom #3

I must remind you before I reveal these next pictures that we moved from a home that had a tiny little "master" bathroom (ha! master...yeah, right). No bath tub, just a shower. So, this is like a dream for us to have our own BIG bathroom where both of us have our own sink and we can take a shower OR a bath if we wanted to. Although, I must admit...I have yet to take a bath. The kids get more use out of it than I do! Maybe it's because I got used to living without one for so long. We decided to keep with the towel colors we already owned, and the walls were neutral enough that we figured we could get away with it! Again, not the most glamorous pictures...because, indeed, it is just a bathroom, but you can pretend to ooh and aah anyway. *wink*

{if you look really closely, you'll see we have a separate little room for the toilet...gotta love having privacy!}

And, there you have it! Hopefully by posting these pictures, it will give me some motivation to get going on some other house projects I'd like to reveal. I just have to remember to tell will get done. We plan on being here for a very. long. time.


Wonderful World of Crafts said...

I love how big your bathroom is. Is that the shelf that was in the bathroom here?

Kelli said...

You can add me to the list of interested people. Your bathrooms turned out well and I hope you're enjoying them. Our master is super small right now too with just a nice to have a tub. My mom has those same towels that are in your guest bath. Do you have a craft room in your new house?

Kim's Treasures said...

I love the polka dots on the wall in bathroom #1!!!

Cute stand next to your tub!!! Very fun having a big bathroom!

Sarah Ondracek said...

Not just your mom wanted to see pitures, Hiedi!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us;-) You ALWAYS inspire me no matter what you are tackling!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back to blogging! Hope it continues. Love the bathrooms and they are "Heidi" style! Cute Cute Cute.

Rhonda said...

Okay...get on the move girl! I love peeking into other people's home IRL or in blogland.

All your baths turned out great!

Kelli W said...

All of your bathrooms turned out so great! We have lived in our house for 6 years and there are still things on my to do list:)

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