Sunday, January 16, 2011

freezer makeover {copy cat edition}

Last Tuesday, I shared about a blog that was hosting an organization challenge. I was so inspired by A Bowl Full of Lemons and wanted to be part of the daily challenges, but my motivation wasn't quite where it needed to be last week. Needless to say, I didn't get any organizing accomplished. But, today motivation struck and with it being a rainy day was a perfect day to organize inside! I found A Bowl Full of Lemons on Day 9 of her challenge and somehow it's already Day 13! So...I'm a little behind to say the least, but I do plan on getting caught up little by little. Today, I accomplished Day 11 (the freezer) and Day 12 (the spice cabinet). I thought I would break them into two here's the big freezer reveal! Spice cabinet pictures to come soon (see them HERE).

Day 11 - The Freezer

I never realized it was this messy until I started this project!

I was a complete copy cat (yes, I admit it) and used the same containers as our hostess did for her freezer clean out. They are a Dollar Tree find. Not too big, but perfect to contain all those things that can easily clutter up a space. This isn't the last you'll see of those containers from me, I'm sure.

And just in case you needed more of an up close BEFORE...

Aren't these containers so fun to look at?

I labeled the bins that are in the front of each shelf.
And, yes there are a few things behind the containers. Real life.


~ drawer one revealed ~

Now the meat drawer.

~ drawer two revealed ~

I'm thinking it might be time for some zucchini bread and smoothies!


~ the freezer door ~
(guess what I'm doing with all those bananas tonight?!)
I took the Go-Gurts out of the box and decided to use a plastic cup to store them. Now they are easily accessible to the kids if they want a snack, but yet not all over the place.
I did the same with the Otter hubby's obsession. *wink*

Check on back for the reveal of the spice cabinet!
Updated: Check out the pics HERE!

And, guess who found some containers at Target on clearance today? I bought them "just in case" I might need them during my organization overhaul.

Join me in reclaiming your home by heading on over to A Bowl Full of Lemons.


vicki said...

Great job, sis! Looks good!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I so need to get organized, but life is just too crazy busy right now. I will be forced to clean and de-clutter in a few weeks when we move! :)

Patrice said...

Woohoo go you! I'm really impressed with your new and organised freezer! Keep up the great work.

Jennifer said...

So fun to see you today! I'm hitting up our freezer tomorrow after another trip to The Container Store! I just need to pull out my camera and get some photos now!!!!
Happy organizing!!!

Kelli said...

I am excited by all of these posts. I just cleaned out my freezer but didn't organize it. I love the idea of the baskets too, so I see why you copied them.

Sarah said...

You've been busy! I FINALLY got motivated to clean downstairs today! :-) Nice job, it all looks great.

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