Sunday, February 6, 2011

sending love

A couple of years ago I decorated these little mailboxes that I had found at Target in their Dollar Spot. I decorated one for each of us in our family. Last year during February we were in the middle of a move with packing boxes and such, so I didn't even bother to pull out any Valentine's Day decor, so I skipped these altogether. This year when I went to unload the box of my Valentine's Day stash, I realized there wasn't much. I'm not kidding. It was sad. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for some after V-day clearance for sure! However, I did find these mailboxes tucked away and I figured that, if nothing else, I would at least use these this year!

Starting Monday, February 7th, I am going to put a little surprise inside each day all the way up to Valentine's Day. I explained to Mikayla that if she sees the "flag" up that means something is inside. She got so excited! She even said that she was going to make mommy and daddy something and put it in our mailboxes when we were sleeping. How sweet! Tonight before bed, she came down twice (which is unusual), and each time she had something random to tell me (an excuse to come downstairs, obviously), but I could see her eyes wandering over to the mailboxes to see if the flag was up. One time she just had to go check and I let her...nothing was in there yet. I can't wait to see her expression in the morning when she sees that little flag up!

I don't plan on doing anything that is too over the top each day, but just a little something fun to show my kids just how much I love them! It doesn't take them too much to be happy about a little surprise. For Day One, I made them each a card with three conversation hearts inside. The words on the inside say, "Mommy and Daddy love you very much!"

I figure, it's not all about how much pink and red I have splashed all over the house. It's just about the simple things in showing my family just how much they mean to me. I suppose Valentine's Day is a reminder that we shouldn't just do this "once a year", but all throughout the year. Although, having a set day to share our love sure gives us a good reminder to do something extra special!

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One other piece of decor that I love bringing out each February, is this little candy bucket I made back in 2009. Apparently I haven't crafted much for Valentine's Day in 2 years. However, paper crafting is a different story...check out some fun Valentine's Treats I've created and shared over on my Stuck on Stampin' blog.


Anonymous said...

The kids will love it. Have fun!

Kelli said...

I think I bought some of these but they are lost in the abyss of my basement :) I need to do something special for my little kiddies...this is a great idea. I love Mikayla's enthusiasm...too cute.

Jennifer said...

CUTE stuff Heidi!!! (= I know I have a few of those mailboxes floating around!! I need to add some mail!!! (=

Russell Family said...

Love the mailbox idea! So cute that Mikayla wanted to keep checking to see if anything was in there :)

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