Wednesday, March 2, 2011

happy valentine's march!

The kids and I had a really good Valentine's Day...nothing too extra-ordinary other than a few special little things throughout the day. My hubby and I didn't ever make it out for a date night, but I hope to be able to use my "rain check" soon!

The day started out with heart-shaped pancakes with red sprinkles and pink milk for breakfast! I randomly found these cute little plates and matching cups at Safeway the night 50% off! What a perfect little way to make breakfast a bit more special on Valentine's Day!

I put a new Valentine's book next to each of the kids' plates, and they also got one last little treat inside their Valentine's mailboxes. They were super excited for their special Valentine's Day breakfast!

During the morning, I was able to visit Mikayla's pre-school and be a part of her Valentine's Day class party. The kids played Bingo, exchanged valentines with their classmates, and enjoyed a little snack.

We headed out to Grammy & Papa's after pre-school and hang out for a bit. Grammy gave each of the kiddos a box of candies...which of course they loved!

{LOVE this picture of my sweethearts}

The rest of the day was pretty low key, but we did sneak in a little cupcake making for daddy before he came home.

My favorite little helper...

Let's make the cupcakes pink...

Ready to go in the oven...
Frosted all by herself...
{My Cupcake Cuties}

Daddy brought them each a heart-shaped dollar. They were so happy to get "cash"...I love that the simple things make them so happy!!

Hope you all had a blessed Valentine's Day with your family!


Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like another great holiday. The cupcakes look fabulous and I love the heart money!

Patrice said...

Your children have beautiful smiles...looks like you had lots of fun together.

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