Monday, June 27, 2011

dance recital 2011

Mikayla had her dance recital this past Saturday. And, just like any other mom proud of her little girl...I took A LOT of pictures!! She just looked so cute in her dance outfit!

Before heading out to her dance rehearsal on Friday night, we went in the backyard so I could snap some pictures of Mikayla "all dolled up" for her big performance. I knew Saturday morning would probably be a rush (and it was), so I am glad I took the time to take pictures the night before. Most of the poses you see below were all by her! It was like she knew exactly what to do!

{click on picture to view larger}

Technically we weren't supposed to take flash pictures during the rehearsal or performance, but I couldn't figure out how to take the flash off my camera, so I broke the rules (shocker for me, I know!) and snapped some with the flash. And, I must say...I'm glad I did! I loved being able to capture these moments of her in her "element". Since I was able to capture some pictures during rehearsal, I was able to just sit back and enjoy the performance on Saturday. Her class performed a tap and ballet routine and it was ADORABLE!!

Mikayla's dance teacher Miss Jenny (whom she LOVES) is leaving the dance studio and we will definitely miss her! She has been Mikayla's teacher for two years and has been such a light for Mikayla. Her sweet personality and caring heart towards her dancers makes her a very special person! At the performance each of the dancers gave Miss Jenny a single rose. It was a really special moment and I actually got choked up!

I normally don't post blurry pictures, but I just thought this moment was precious. Mikayla had already given Miss Jenny her rose and then went to sit back down. All of the sudden she gets up again and I see her give Miss Jenny a hug from behind. I wasn't prepared for that, so I didn't get a great picture. Later, after the performance, Mikayla said that she had said to Miss Jenny, "Thanks for being my teacher." Mikayla really has such a tender heart!

After the performance!

My beautiful daughter is a beautiful dancer!
(I'm a little biased, of course!)


vicki said...

Love these pictures! I actually got teary eyed when you wrote what Mikayla said to Miss Jenny when she hugged her. Mikayla does have a sweet attitude. Wish we could have been there for the performance. Love and miss all of you very much! We will be "home" for good very soon! Mom

Dee said...

Those are soooo fantastic and I love the little outfits!

Christina said...

What sweet pictures and a sweet little girl! My daughter is almost 3 and has been in pre-ballet for almost a year now. She LOVES her teacher but this last recital (this past Saturday, too) will be my daughter's last with this teacher because we are moving in about a month. :( I can only hope that her next teacher will be half as wonderful and patient as her first! I hope that Mikayla's new teacher will be wonderful, too. :)

Xazmin said...

She IS beautiful! What a fun night, and yay that you were able to catch such a special moment between Mikayla and her teacher!

Sarah said...

Super cute pictures and I love her costume! :-)

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