Sunday, July 17, 2011

parade time!

Friday, the 15th was a GORGEOUS, sunny day! I was holding my 1st Annual Craft Cleanout Garage Sale and it was the perfect day for it!! Although it was also the first sunny day in a week, so most people probably were out doing something other than going to garage sales!! However, it was still a great success and will be an annual tradition for me!

On Saturday we woke up to wet pavement, dark clouds in the sky, and a few sprinkles. Of course that morning we also had plans to go to our hometown annual festival...the Robin Hood Festival & Parade. We didn't let the weather stop us, though! We packed up our camping chairs, grabbed some bags for candy, and headed down the road to meet up with friends. It actually turned out to be a nice day with just a little bit of a breeze and a few sun breaks...but no rain!

All the kiddos getting ready for the parade to start!
{Mikayla, Claire, Ellie, Austin & Molly Scout}

This year Austin REALLY knew how to get all of the candy!

Mikayla loved the cheerleaders and dancers...
she was mesmerized each time a group would come by.
I think there's a future parade participant in our future!

After the parade we walked down to Old Town Sherwood to check out the rest of the festivities. There were booths set up, live music, and dance performances going on. It was all a little overwhelming with so much happening (and trying to keep track of two little ones), but we managed to still have a good time!

Checking out the Alpacas...

Face Painting!
{a festival tradition}

Ellie & Mikayla - best friends!

You can't leave a festival without Kettle Corn!!

Another fun {summer?} day!


Miller Racing Family said...

Look at all those smiles! Love the candy and cheerleading photos. The garage sale sounds interesting.
Have a great day!

vicki said...

Looks like lots of fun! Miss those kiddos!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Looks like so much fun!! What is up with this weird weather??? We had some downpour today!

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