Sunday, January 1, 2012

purge, declutter & simplify

I have been in a major mood to ORGANIZE these last few days (without much action, however)! I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the fact that it's almost the New Year which always seems to bring a different level of motivation. And probably partly because I still have my Christmas decorations half up, half down which makes my house feel cluttered and I'm stuck in that in-between phase. I know how I want it to's just a matter of the route I need to take to get there! I probably haven't done much about that urge to organize because I've been spending more time eye-ing all of the amazing inspiration on Pinterest than actually doing anything. Seriously, it's killing me! I am finding so many ideas and I'm just in L-O-V-E...simply in love with the possibilities of the organizing projects in my future.

However when I start this urge to organize that's really all I want to do, but I have to remember I have other responsibilities, too, and I can't let the organizing bug take over my daily routine. I have to fit it in my life when I can. So that's why I was excited to run across Ask Anna and her 14 Days to Get Clean & Organized challenge. It's just a little at a time and step by step I will conquer some organizing I want to get done without it taking over my life. Wanna join me?

One of my goals for the year 2012 is...

Purge, Declutter & Simplify!

I feel like I am an organized person and I don't have a ton of clutter, but it's a matter of making everything simpler and easier for me and my family to continue to stay organized after the re-arranging is done. That's why I was also excited to find The Simpler Life just in time for this New Year and new commitment. I downloaded Beth's 2012 Declutter Calendar and I look forward to taking many more baby steps on my way to simplify my home and get it in the shape I want it to be...and stay that way!

Happy New Year to each of you!!


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