Saturday, July 25, 2009

catching you up to speed

I'm so behind.

There's no beating around the bush on that one.

We have had some fun times over this last month, so I thought it would be fun to share some collages all in one post (thanks to my friend, Leanna, who shared with me awhile back how to make the collages using Picasa from Google). It's kind of like killing 5 birds with 1 stone. Although I would never actually do that... (Click on each collage if you would like to view it larger.)

So, if you've been wondering what we have been up to, here you go...

Summer Birthdays!!

~Kenneth Caldwell turned 3 years old celebrating with a firefighter themed party!
~Cousin Riley turned 4 years old & Cousin Parker turned 2 years old celebrating with a carnival themed party!
~Allie Edinger turned 3 years old celebrating at the Wilsonville Murase Plaza splashing around with water.
~Cousin Hailey turned 1 year old on the 4th of July and the cousins were all able to be together when they came down from Washington for a visit.
~Jilian Sommerville turned 2 years old with a fun Elmo party!
~Ryan celebrated his 29th birthday on July 22.
~And coming up on Sunday we'll be celebrating Cousin Hunter's 2nd birthday with a farm animal party!

Tis the season of birthdays!!


Water Fountain Fun!

My sister and family came down for a visit over the 4th of July, and it was also cousin Hailey's birthday. We decided to hit the water park and let the kids beat the heat on Friday, the 3rd. Later that night, we celebrated Hailey's birthday with pizza and cupcakes.


4th of July

Like I had mentioned in an earlier post a couple of weeks ago, our 4th of July was a little low key this year. In the afternoon after our pool time extravaganza and dinner at Buster's Barbecue, we let the kids play with "pop-its". Then later in the evening, after PJs, we pulled out the sparklers and let the kids have a little the light. Then 8:00 rolled around and the kids headed to bed. Yes, that is it. That was our 4th of July. Maybe next year we'll attempt letting the kids stay up until 8:30. I know. I walk on the wild side sometimes. If nothing else, I will at least dress my kids in patriotic gear. I was so jealous seeing pictures of little ones in red, white, and blue. Not sure why I was such a scrooge this year.


Robin Hood Festival Parade

Just last weekend, we met up with our good friends, the Newtons, and watched our town's annual parade. Mikayla and her best friend, Ellie, enjoyed the parade and picking up candy while Austin and baby Claire (4 months old) were content in the arms of their daddy and mommy. Austin did like yelling "truck!" with almost every passing vehicle and after the parade the girls got their faces painted with matching butterflies.


Ryan's Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Ryan's birthday a little early with family by meeting up at his favorite dinner spot...Buster's Barbecue. On his actual birthday (Wednesday), we surprised Ryan at work with cupcakes we made for him and his work buddies. Later that evening we headed to Red Robin for a free burger and then afterwords sang him happy birthday, ate more cupcakes, and gave him his presents.


So, there you go! Fun times in a nut shell. There are lots of other things that have been keeping us busy like park play dates, backyard water fun, playing in the yard, and anything we can do to enjoy the awesome weather we're having! I've been pretty much succeeding at avoiding any form of responsibility. I guess you could say I'm kind of in the rebellious phase of keeping everything organized and running smoothly. (Which, I suppose some of my friends are laughing at me right now because you know I would actually never be able to do this for an extended period of time.)

Today, we met up with Ryan and his work at lunch time for their annual company picnic. The kids each got to take a whack at a pinata. I was this close to taking the stick myself and enjoying a little stress relief of my own. But I refrained after I realized I have nothing to be that stressed about!

Seriously, I think I'm in love with these carefree, summer days. That's probably why you haven't really been seeing much craftiness or creativity coming from me. But, just you wait, I know it's in there somewhere and it will start exploding soon!

In the meantime, leave me a comment letting me know what crafty creations you've been up to! I think I need a little inspiration. I bet there are some good ones I'm missing out on in my lack of making my rounds in blog land!


~Bobbi~ said...

What fun times!!!!

When I made those Crystal Light drink holder thingys, my scalloped cutter was too small. It was the only one I found at the craft stores here. Where did you purchase yours?

Emily said...

Sounds like you've been having just a perfect summer! Love the collages..I love using Picasa.

Dawn said...

Glad you're having a fun summer!!

Send some of that summer weather our way :)

vicki said...

LOVED looking at all the collages! Wish we could have been there for some of the celebrating.

Sandy Hop said...

WOW! busy summer! glad to see you back in bloggerdom, though! I love the collages! I will have to try one of those.

Tanielle said...

Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer!! I have been so bad at getting around to visiting my favorite bloggers, I feel completely out of the loop! Glad you posted such fun pics. Hope all is well! You are just too cute!:-)

Miller Racing Family said...

What fun times you guys have been having!
I love all of the collages. I will have to learn how to make these, maybe that way my posts won't be so long.
I totally agree with you on loving the carefree days of summer.
Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Great times! the pictures capture the fun you have been having! I have to check out how to make the collages.
Talk with you soon!

Bizzy Bee Creations said...

Heidi, thanks for all the kind comments on my blog! So funny that you found my blog from MOPS and I had your blog in my blog roll :) Yes, I am going to be the CA this year for MOPS...always looking for new ideas! Happy blogging :)

Tammy Williams said...

Looks like a lot of summer fun. I am surprised at how many birthdays there were this summer too.

I have been attempting to create a plaque for my mom using mod-podge. YEP...first time ever doing something like this but so far so good.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

You have been SUPER busy this summer! I love the collages! One of these days I am going to figure out how to make one myself! We have been enjoying the summer here too and being SUPER lazy while still seeming to be SUPER busy at the same time! Thanks for the fun update!

Katie said...

Wow Heidi looks like a ton of fun has been going on! Glad you're enjoying it and making memories with the kiddos.

Amanda said...

Lovely collages!
I'm so glad to hear and "see" your enjoying your summer. I love staying busy and having fun!


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