Thursday, July 30, 2009

create a little something

Guess who got their act together (finally) to do something a little crafty!?

Yep, that would be me. Are you shocked?

I suppose Xazmin's monthly Mod Podge Mania party helped light a little fire under me.

So, what can you do with six ABC blocks bought from a garage sale for 10-cents...

Some coordinating paper...

And a bottle of the "magic stuff"?

Why, CREATE something, of course!

Now I have another fun little decoration to add to my craft corner that will hopefully inspire me to keep creating!

By golly, this little creative corner of mine will one day look the way I want it.

Well, that or we'll just have to move.

Head on over to This is the Year for more fun Mod Podge Mania!


Kelli said...

Excellent job! I love the paper that you used and the word is so fitting for you.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That is so cute! I haven't done a whole lot with Mod Podge...I make have to pick some up the next time I'm at the craft store!

Rhonda said...

So cute!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love that. You are so creative!

Kim said...

They turned out great. I love the paper combination! The colors really compliment eachother.

Xazmin said...

Oh my heck Heidi, I love them! They turned out so stinkin' cute! Thanks for linking up to my party!

Annie said...

Very cute!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Great job. These would be so cute for Christmas gifts for the co workers. Oh, did I say that out loud Christmas, yes it is just right around the corner.

Sarah Ondracek said...

Those are too cute! I see things like that, buy them, and never follow thru with my brilliant idea. I am proud of you!!!

MiMi said...

I know, Xazmin's party definitely got me in gear, I was dragging my feet getting it done for some reason. :)

Tanielle said...

Super cute Heidi!!! I love how they turned out!

Katie said...

Love them Heidi, like I love everything you do! Great recycled altered item.

Amanda said...

Oh Heidi,
I LOVE these!
What a fantasticly cute idea! Hum...Buttercup has some wooden blocks. I may have to snatch a few of them for myself.

jenjen said...

Heidi -
Those are sooooo cute. I love them!!! I just barely posted mine - I think I may be too late. But at least it got me motivated to finish a project, right?

Have a super weekend!


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