Tuesday, July 15, 2008

carefree days

I love watching my little babes enjoying the simple things in life, like a pool of water or a sprinkler to run through. We are so lucky to have this great weather so the kids can go outside to play (back in June I wasn't convinced the summer would actually come). We've enjoyed some fun times at the park, in the backyard, and we have even gone on a few walks (which mostly are leisurely walks due to the fact that Mikayla would rather walk than ride). Just this morning we went to a small park where Mikayla had a blast going down the slides...over and over and over. Convincing her it was time to go was a bit difficult because she just likes to be so active, pretty much like any busy two-year old. These carefree days won't last forever, so I'm trying really hard to take full advantage of them without wiping the kiddos (and myself) out too much. Hope you're enjoying your summer, too!


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