Friday, July 4, 2008

what does pretend mean?

Last weekend we participated in the annual Woodhaven Garage Sale here in Sherwood at our friends' house. Ryan and I were able to go out and about for a walk for a short time during the sale to see if we could find some good deals (and we hit the jackpot this year with some cool finds!) One thing I found in the "free" pile at a particular garage sale was a cute little Hello Kitty PRETEND makeup compact with a mirror. I thought this would be perfect for my little girl since she really loves to watch me put on my makeup and I thought it would be fun for her to PRETEND to put on her own make up. I decided to give it to her today and I showed her how to PRETEND to put her makeup on and look in the mirror to see how pretty she was. She walked around the house for awhile with her new little treasure PRETENDING to put makeup on. I was busy in the kitchen, Ryan was on the computer, and Austin was taking a nap...but where was Mikayla? Ryan said, "I hope she's not putting on your make up." And I responded (with 100% faith) that there was no way she would do that and that I bet she was sitting on our bed just playing PRETEND (she often likes to crawl in our bed and play there). After another couple of minutes with it being extra quiet, I thought to myself...I better just go check. When I walked into our bedroom there was no sweet little girl playing PRETEND on our bed, but I did find our bathroom door shut and that's never good. My heart jumped! No, she couldn't be putting on my...

Yes, my friends that is Mommy's makeup...mascara to be exact. After taking the always needed "documentation", we had a wonderful conversation about what it means to PRETEND and that she was not supposed to get into mommy's makeup. For awhile, Mikayla was sporting a "punk rocker" look with some black streaks in her hair. Oh, the fun times with an inquisitive little girl.


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