Thursday, June 11, 2009

monogram madness!


Are you ready to be inspired and to take a peek at all the amazing monogram creations!? I can't wait!

As I've said in the previous three challenges (which I'm so sad to say that all of the links to the projects you have all created in the past are now gone!! What's up with Mr. Linky?! I really hope they come back!), my hope for these monthly craft get togethers is for you to be challenged to create something and have fun doing it!

It's simple: Each month, I give you an embellishment, tool, or idea and you get to create something fun to share with the rest of us! You have one month to work on the project (big or small) and then you come back to share your creation on the first Thursday of the month. (By the way, thanks for being patient and letting me postpone this month's challenge by a week!)

However, even with an extra week, I still didn't get mine completely done!! Talk about slacker. Here's the start of what I am envisioning for something to put in Mikayla's bedroom that I'm slowly starting to redecorate. I realized as I went to finish it so I could post it, that I didn't have the right color of ribbon or embellishments, so I'm going to have to do some hunting for the perfect addition. I want to add some sort of butterflies to it, as I'm thinking that will be the new "look" to her room. This is my homemade monogram letter that I cut out of thin cardboard and then Mod Podged paper on top of it. Nothing too complicated...but that's usually how I roll. Simple, simple, simple.

Now, it's YOUR TURN!!

1. Mr. Linky is having issues, so leave me a comment on this post or e-mail me at letting me know you would like to link up, and I will add you to this post.
2. In your post, either use the button on the left side bar or a link to my site for others to be able to join in the fun or to come on by to see what everyone has created.
3. Try to visit as many of the participants as you can and comment on their creations.
4. This month's craft challenge will end on Thursday, June 18th.
5. A random winner will be chosen from the participants and be announced next Thursday. The winner will receive...hello!? You should know by now that it's a surprise! It's something monogrammed, so I'll give you that hint.
6. Lastly, I've decided that we will take June-August off from the monthly craft challenges. There's just so much fun happening during the summer that it might be hard to stick with a schedule. Let's come back in September and we'll start again with a big bang!


My friend, Sarah O., whose blog is set to private, wanted to participate in this month's challenge, so I told her to send me a picture and I'd post it for her! Isn't this adorable? It's a canvas that she painted for her niece. Although from the looks of it, I'm sure if she wanted to change the color scheme to purple, this would look perfect in Mikayla's room. *wink*

Monogram Craft Challenge Participants -
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2. Sarah @ Our Pumpkin & Sweet Pea
3. Lisa @ Mommy Squared
4. Kelli @ Random Thoughts of a Supermom
5. Emily @ Powell Power
6. Katie @ A List Maker's Life
7. Missy @ Simply Red
8. Maridith @ The Procrastinator Crafter
9. Crystal @ The Harris Family
10. Bethany @ A Wednesday Afternoon
11. Bobbi @ Casa Camacho
12. Dawn @ 7 All Together
13. Nicole @ Coley's Corner
14. Heather @ Party in Pink
15. Xazmin @ This is The Year
16. Shaila @ Sweetly Southern
17. Vivienne @ The V Spot
18. Kim @ Caldwell Cuties
19. Kim @ The Wonderful World of Wirfs
20. Sarah @ I Blame My Mother


Sarah Ondracek said...

*wink*wink*!!! I had a great time doing that canvas...I feel another craft day coming my way, lol:)

Kelli W said...

I love your M! It is SUPER cute! I had a great time with this months challenge...and my house has a few more "W's" in it now!!

Emily said...

Very cute M! Heidi, you inspired me and I actually entered this month!
Here's the link;

Katie said...

Thanks for your fun inspiration to do something crafty this month.
Here is my link

Missy said...

Heidi, I would like to join in. I have my post up.

Your project is already looking cute!

vicki said...

Love the "m" for Mikayla's room. Great job!

Maridith said...

Great project!! Love framed "M" and the canvas "M" is beautiful too. Love the butterflies

I have been looking forward to this project and have a post as well!! I will be emailing you soon!

Crystal said...

I love your M for Mikayla's room. Also the M canvas is really cute. I have my post up. Here is the link-

I love these monthly chanlleges and seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Jennifer W. said...

Hi, Heidi! I wish I were crafty enough to participate-everything looks great! I just stopped by to let you know you won the Father's Day giveaway on my blog! If you would, hop on over and check it out!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love that frame...I am so making that for a gift. Great idea. I think I can handle that one...Maybe

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Love that framed "M"! Maybe someday I will actually enter one of your crafting challenges rather that just using it to get ideas for fun things to add to my wishlist of crafts I'd love to make time to try!

Bethany said...

Great "M"! Here's my link:
Thanks for hosting, I really enjoy your craft challenge.

Bobbi & Noe said...

Hi Heidi!

I joined the challenge this month!
Too bad you're taking the summer off right when I start this. ;) I'll be looking forward to it starting back up. I def know summer is busy for everyone!

Have a great weekend

Dawn said...

Little late but I'd love to join the party!!

I love the "m" in the frame-we're painting my older daughters' room and frames like that would be cute by their bunk beds.

Unknown said...

What great ideas I am seeing!
This month's challenge totally slipped my mind. Next month...

Lyndsie Miles said...

I love seeing these ideas! I'm still not totally unpacked, but almost have my very few craft supplies ready for this one... I'm not sure if I'll meet the deadline though, because we have company next week!

I'm still coming to check out all these fun ideas!

Jen @ said...

How fun! That "m" you did is so cute. I am excited to see what projects everyone did. What a fun party!


Coley said...

Your "M" is super cute!! I'm excited that I found your craft challenges and that I was able to participate! My post is up at

Heather said...

I finally have my post up. Here's the link:

Xazmin said...

LOVE the framed "M"! It's way adorable.

I have mine's way lame, but here it is:

Creekmore's said...

I was finally able to get my post up after a couple weeks blog break. Thanks!!

Shaila @ Sweetly Southern

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

So cute!! I love monograms.
I am linking up too:

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a super cute glad that I stopped by even if it is the middle of the night...INSOMNIA....

I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

Unknown said...

Heidi, Here is the link to my project. Talk with you soon!

Amanda said...

I've got 2 more days! I wonder if I can snap some pictures tomorrow and get my post up. Not enough time in my days. Isn't that always the case!

Thanks for taking the time to add your sweet comments on my blog this week!


Wonderful World of Crafts said...

I did it but of course it was late. I don't remember how to link it up and it's too late to call you so there you go.

The Masked Mommy said...

I am so sad that I missed this one! I love your craft challenge. I'm back online now, but I was down for over a month! Good grief! Anyways, this was a great challenge, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this fall! Missed you!

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