Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tackle it tuesday - getting my groove back

I'm trying to take baby steps in claiming my house back from the mess of dis-organization! I have definitely let some things go and it's really starting to get to me! So, in honor of Tackle it Tuesday, I'm choosing to get things back in order...little by little. (In true Heidi fashion, I chose to start tackling the unseen things first, so it still looks like the house is a total wreck, but you have to start somewhere!)

First up: Organize the hallway closet. I chose the ugliest looking mess of a cupboard (out of 3) and started there. It once had the potential of being organized, but then I got lazy and just started throwing things on top of things and it turned into this...

(check out that middle shelf!)

It may not look much different (or maybe it does?), but now there's a place for everything and it's more easily accessible. Originally, I had the first aid supplies in a container where I had to lift the lid all the time and that just kept getting old (hence, the reason for just throwing things in there). So, I found a 3-drawer organizer in Mikayla's room that wasn't being used to its full potential, and used it here instead. I love going shopping in my own house! Saves time and money.


Next up: Time to restock the car! In the last 2 weeks, we have taken two mini road trips (2+ hours) and so it was time to get the car back into working shape again and replenish a few things. I thought I might as well show you some of the things I keep in my car so that I'm always prepared!

My first aid kit: I used an old wipes container, dolled it up a bit with some stickers, and added the necessities for any sort of minor accident. I keep this in the car for all of those "just in case" moments. (click on the picture if you want to see up close what I keep in there)

Look! It really does all fit!

This next one is for those "I forgot diapers and wipes" moments. Although, it's kind of funny because I forgot that I actually had this in the car until I was cleaning it out.

Everything fits quite nicely in this
little bag and I keep it in the side door.

I posted about my snack container awhile back when I went on a road trip in February, and ever since then I have kept it in my car and I can not begin to tell you how much this is a lifesaver! I don't ever have to worry about throwing something in my purse for the kids. As long as I remember to re-stock it every now and then, I know I'll always have a snack for the kids when they need it! Thankfully it fits quite nicely underneath the middle console of the two front seats.

Last little car tip, is that I keep snack cups, sippy cups, and bibs (which we really don't use much anymore, but just in case!) in the drawer underneath the passenger front seat. (I love my mini van because it has all of these hidden places to store stuff!) This is another great thing if we are in need of a container or cup for anything. It's nice to know that they're there.

Along with these things, I cleaned out the TWO glove boxes that hold pens/pencils, notepads, an envelope with car registration, insurance, etc., cell phone chargers, car manual, Kleenex, extra napkins, a whole bunch of electronic mumbo jumbo that plugs into the cigarette lighter that I have know idea what it's used for (ask the hubby!), and a few other odds and ends.

It feels good to have these things cleaned out and organized. However, I'll be sure to have Ryan look at the ONE cupboard and inside of the car when he gets home before he begins wondering what I did all day!

My next tackle? This little hiding spot behind our door to the play room. Yes, this is my worst nightmare!! I must figure out a new system because I think I have tackled this once before, maybe twice, oh I'm sure at least THREE TIMES! Maybe I'll update later with the "after" picture!


lsnellings said...

Will you please come organize my house? I have many closets that deperately need you!

vicki said...

Great Tackle, Sis! I can tell you were busy today! You even had time to chat with me. :)

Missy said...

You've been busy! It looks so neat. I love it! I'll have to remember your first aid car kit. I have one for my van, but not for my husband's car. This could work.

Anonymous said...

Great work!
Your first aid supplies in the house look like mine (of course before). I just tackled that project in the May, but apparently I am too lazy to put things back in the right spot!

I love all the stuff in the car. Our van has under the seat storage as well so I need to try and do something similar. I think an extra change of clothes might come in handy as well.

Dawn said...

Good for you!! You got alot done today.

Thanks for the snack box idea-I have to do that. I usually pack a bag before I go but have forgotten more than once and have been stuck somewhere with no snacks. I think I have a container downstairs that will work. Great idea!!

Rhonda said...

That is so funny! I do the same thing and organize/clean areas that cannot be seen. I love organizing closets, cabinets, etc.!

Your closet looks totally different!! Great job! Love all the car organizers! I have to do the snack one asap!

Thanks for the inspiration! Lots of organizing I want to do tomorrow. Home alone! Hope I can accomplish a lot after I wipe the tears away!

Jennifer W. said...

I LOVE your car stuff-the first aid kit, snack container, extra diaper stuff, and sippy cups are fantastic. I've got to get organized!! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

You did a ton of stuff. That is awesome. I love being organized...but I think I am going to have to participate in this carnival to get myself motivated. Ugh maybe when school starts. :)

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Wow - you are really on a roll! I am so not in the groove. You should see my work room right now - lol!

Good job! Love that first aid container!


Kelli said...

Great tackles. I need to go through my car and redo some things in there. Your last picture looks like the top shelf of Jamison's closet...it's on my list. And I could see the changes you made in the closet. Very nice.

Sarah Ondracek said...

Can you come over to my house??? I know you smiled when you read that but I am not smiling, I am serious...;)

The Booth Family said...

I'm a new follower! Thanks for the tips! Cute blog!

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