Wednesday, August 26, 2009

works for me wednesday - creative gift wrapping

Another week of Works for Me Wednesday is here!

I don't like to buy gift wrapping supplies if I already have them (and, trust me I'm always stocked up...check out my gift wrapping storage here), but sometimes I don't have the right size of gift bag to hold those larger sized, oddly shaped presents.

Here are a few ways to get creative with what you already have!

Idea #1

Don't you love those packages that have the open part in the front? If you wrap them in wrapping paper all that happens is a big hole in the front with one little slip of the hand.

Find a piece of cardboard and tape it over the front of the gift...

And voila! Wrap it up easily without any holes!


Idea #2

Wrap your gift in a basket and tuck in random bits of tissue paper to "hide" the goodies inside.


Idea #3

Use something other than wrapping paper to wrap an oddly shaped gift. For this particular toy, I couldn't find any cardboard to cover the front (like idea #1), and I didn't have a gift bag big enough to fit.

I found this GIANT gift bag in my stash, but then realized that it was way too big for this toy. So I got a little creative with it!

And cut it into two pieces...

It was more flexible and durable to work with without the fear of poking a hole in it.


Idea #4

Match the birthday card with the wrapping paper. Why use an envelope? Show off the card by taping it on top of the gift.


Idea #5

Wrap it up with cellophane. This little toy wagon given to a friend's daughter was so awkward to wrap, so I decided to just wrap it with some polka dotted cellophane. It didn't fit at first, so I just cut out the bottom and slipped it through leaving the wheel and handles without cellophane around it.

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vicki said...

Great gift wrapping ideas! I hadn't thought about using cardboard to cover up the "hole" before wrapping. That is my creative thinking daughter.
Love ya!

Christina said...

Awesome ideas. My daughter's birthday and Christmas are coming up, among other gift-giving occasions so I'm definitely going to be keeping these in mind. Thanks!

lsnellings said...

Cute ideas! The cardboard in #1 is genius!

Dawn said...

You are so smart!! I hate the boxes that have a hole in the front-I'm usually the one that pokes my finger through when I'm wrapping. Thanks for the tips!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Great ideas. I love the first and third idea. I am always looking for ideas for those open boxes.
For baby/wedding gifts we wrap the gift in a bath towel, this way they can still use the wrapping paper.
Have a great Wednesday!

Tracey said...

Super ideas! I would never have thought of using the cardboard, but that's a perfect solution!!

Kelli W said...

Great ideas! I love giving gift baskets....especially for baby gifts! And that last idea is SUPER cute!

Kelli said...

You are just a wealth of good ideas. I like idea #1 because that happens so often. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

What a great post!

I like to wrap kids presents in a new shirt or a Wedding Gift in a table cloth or fleece throw. It's two gifts in one.

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

What a great idea! All the gifts look so great!!

Missy said...

Great ideas, Heidi! I love to wrap, so this is totally me.

Moore Minutes said...

Please come over and wrap all my gifts. :( I'm terrible at it! lol...great ideas and your packages look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!
It never would have entered my brain to use a piece of cardboard for those presents with the front cut out...I love it!

Emily said...

I am the worst at wrapping presents, but these are really great ideas! Thanks for passing them along...I think you've just knocked my wrapping skills up a few notches!

RLR said...

Great ideas - and great photos!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE idea #1! I almost always bag toys like that. Sometimes I have to run out to get a bag to make it fit! This will save me gas money, time, and expense on a new bag!

Great ideas! Now if I can just remember them all! ;o)

Have a great hump day!

Nadia said...

great ideas here! i learned a lot.. thanks for sharing

He & Me + 3 said...

Loved all these wrapping ideas. Great job they are so beautiful!

Katie said...

GREAT ideas Heidi! I love the idea of using cardboard. That's such a pain with so many kid's toys. I also love the little wheelbarrow and how it came up. Plus using a handmade and super cute card to decorate your packages and save an envelope is a fab idea. After all, once you've worked so hard on it you might as well show it off as much as possible. Great solutions.

PS is the monthly craft challenge back on for September?

Lyndsie Miles said...

Wow! You could get paid to wrap. =) Great ideas! Thanks!

My favorite "easy wrapping" involves a simple bow of twine with a cute card attached.

Mrs. H said...

What great ideas! I am always telling my daughter to be careful carrying it in, hoping if it gets poked, it'll be by the birthday kiddo, not mine. :)

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