Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6th birthday surprises

Now that Mikayla is 3 months passed turning 6 years old, I thought I should get to sharing her special day! I was on top of it for blogging about her Pinkalicious birthday party with friends, but there were so many other special pictures I wanted to share for her "real" birthday, too!

The day before her birthday, our family of four went on a date together and we surprised the kids by taking them to John's Incredible Pizza (a game place) to celebrate Mikayla's birthday. She really wanted it to be a surprise, so just before we got there I had the kids close their eyes.

 We're here! think?!
  Enjoying some lunch before heading off to the games.
 Game Time!!
 After Disneyland, this ride was a piece of cake!
 I think she's getting too big for this kind of sad.
 Love the expressions!
After lunch and game time, we headed to stop #2 for her second birthday surprise. Mikayla had been talking about wanting to get her ears pierced over the last few weeks before her birthday. I didn't see any problem with it at her age (although I had to wait until I was a middle schooler!) and neither did Ryan, so we decided that she could do it for her 6th birthday. However, we kind of kept saying "I don't know, we'll see" to Mikayla every time she asked because we wanted her to be really surprised. We showed up at the mall and told her what was happening. We also had the talk to let her know that it would hurt, so she could be prepared for that.
Excited and ready!
Getting a little nervous...
 Here it comes...
The gal said that she didn't even flinch, 
but you can see it in her face that it hurt.
Happy that it's over!


Dee said...

She's adorable - that looks like a blast!

vicki said...

She was such a brave girl getting her ears pierced. Love that girl!

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