Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fun times on Easter!

We had a great Easter...very low key, but fun with family! It was the first Easter in a very long time that my parents have been around to help celebrate, so it was super special for us!
I must admit it was quite the battle to pull out this one picture below. They just weren't in the picture taking mood and momma was getting a little frustrated, so we just took this one and called it good. I got smiles, so what more could I ask for I guess? 
We had a little mishap on Easter. Austin found the Easter bunny stash under a blanket in the office and Mikayla was devastated that he had spoiled the surprise! Typically the Easter bunny leaves the baskets on the front porch for the kids to find. I guess that's one way to find out there's no Easter bunny. Despite the initial tears, the kids still loved all of the goodies they found inside their baskets.
After church, we headed out to my parents' house for Easter dinner and time with the whole family.

{Easter 2012 Family Picture}
{Daddy & Son}
{Mommy & Daughter}
{My Beautiful Girl}
{My Handsome Boy}
We came a little early to my parents' house before the rest of the family arrived so that we could dye Easter eggs. I found these cute Easter aprons during last year's Easter clearance. Not sure how long they will willingly wear them, but at least for this year...
Then ALL the cousins arrived...
And it was Easter egg hunting time...
Great Grandpa J came for the fun, too...


vicki said...

So happy that we got to spend Easter with all of our family this year! What a fun time we had :)

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