Thursday, July 31, 2008


Or as my daughter would say...tuptakes!

I don't dare claim that I am a great baker, but I can sure make a mean batch of cupcakes (well, from a box). I do, however, love and look forward to the part of decorating for the special occassion! I go crazy on themes, by the way, when planning for a party!

These were made special for my daughter's 1st birthday.
Theme: butterflies

This isn't what I had originally planned for my daughters' 2 year old birthday cupcakes to look like (I had a much more difficult idea in mind), but at the last minute this is what made it and I actually think they turned out pretty cute.
Theme: ladybugs

My daughter was a little lucky this year for her 2nd birthday because she got to have 2 birthday celebrations. One with her toddler friends (ladybugs above) and one with our family. These "cupcakes" were made from individual flower pans and look...I even attempted a flower cake this time around.
Theme: flowers & Mikayla's favorite things

I can't wait for the next birthday party I get to plan...we'll be celebrating my son turning 1 year old! (I'm not quite decided on the theme yet - frogs, stars, turtles? Oh my!)

**Updated: I've chosen MONKEYS for my son's first birthday. See the photo card invite here.


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