Wednesday, July 2, 2008

two kids, one mom - outnumbered

No pictures for this posting, just some funny stories:

Yesterday my little "Houdini" (aka Austin boy) managed to somehow escape from his exersaucer...seriously (this is his 2nd time in the 4 or 5 months we've owned the thing). I left the room with him in it and came back and he was crawling around. And Mikayla was with me, so I know she wasn't the culprit. Just a few minutes earlier, he had managed to snag a french toast stick off his sister's breakfast plate (still in the exersaucer, mind you). All I heard while I was in the back bedroom was Mikayla saying, "No, no buddy!" I come running out to find Austin holding a french toast stick and huge chunk in his mouth.

Today Mikayla somehow managed to lock me in my own bedroom. We have a childproof lock on our door and I had gone in my bedroom to get a couple minutes of peace to put on my makeup, and locked the door behind me. Mikayla didn't care for this too much and I heard her "fighting" to get in. A few short minutes later, I unlocked the door to get out of my room and turned the handle, but it was still locked. I do admit I panicked a bit. I tried to get Mikayla to undo the child-proofing, but with no success. So, to make a long story short, I had to climb out my window and go around to the front to open the garage to get back into the house.

My two kiddos...always keeping me on my toes!


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