Wednesday, July 16, 2008

not the compliment I was looking for...

We recently purchased the movie Madagascar (thanks to Target's great DVD sales!). Mikayla hasn't watched many movies, but we thought she was old enough to add a few cute ones to the DVD library. Within the last few weeks that we have had it, she's probably seen it 1/2 a dozen times or so (if I'm truly being honest). Anyway, for those of you who have little kiddos and have seen the movie, you may know the part I'm about to explain.

There is a part in the beginning of the video where the animals are at the NYC Zoo and they are showing off to all the people. In one of the shots you can see the hippo, Gloria, swimming through the water doing twists and turns and at one point the hippo jumps into the air and shows off for the camera. At that exact moment, without fail, Mikayla shouts out "MOMMY HIPPO!" (and I mean shouts it).

Uh, what?

Not quite the compliment I was looking for...


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