Thursday, July 31, 2008

savoring the moment

Last night and every night (even naptime) before I lay my daughter to sleep in her bed, she wants me to sing Amazing Grace. She lays her head on my shoulder and I softly sing the words as I sway her back and forth. This tradition started one night probably 8 months ago. I began singing the first thing that came to my mind...and to this day our nightly routine lives on and her only request is Amazing Grace. These moments are more memorable than any sort of milestone (i.e. crawling, walking). These are the moments where I close my eyes and think back to when my little girl was a tiny newborn that would snuggle in my arms and lay on my chest. These are the moments where I want time to stand still and to remember exactly how it feels to be holding her in my arms. Savoring these kinds of moments are priceless and I don't want them to end. Ever.

Just recently I read a blog where a mother had lost her 5-year old daughter to a drowning one year ago this month. I couldn't help but break down in tears as my heart ached for this mother who has lost one of the most precious things to her. I was encouraged to read how she has gained the courage to take steps in rising above the grief and agony that could potentially pull her down (although still feeling the pain on a daily basis, I'm sure). Her and her family have been able to celebrate her sweet little girl's life with the beatiful memories they created while she was here with them.

All that to say, it made me realize how each moment that I have on this Earth with my babies (husband, family, and friends, too) is a gift from God. I don't want to take for granted the little things because I'm hurrying to get to the next "phase of life" that always seems like it will be so much easier (until you get there) . On those hard days where I feel like giving up, I must remember that EVERY day is a day to savor a moment, no matter how difficult or beautiful that moment is.


vicki said...

Remember to savor those moments. Before you know it she will be 30 years old and have her own children.
Love you,

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